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The Empire of Columbia
State and Royal Flag of Columbia

Motto: "One People Unwavering"

Nickname: The Gem of The Ocean

National Anthem "Hail Columbia"
Capital City Rotterdam
Government Constitutional Monarchy, Authoritarian Republic
Sovereign Haecceity_
Chancellor Hamboy_Jr
Founded 25 April 2017 (Devoted 3.0)
Religion Church of the Sister Falls
Demonym Columbian
Population January 10th: 10
Governing Document Charter of Columbia
-4500 -8800

The Empire of Columbia is a sovereign nation located deep in the Northwestern quadrant. It is governed primarily by a Chancellor with sweeping authority and jurisdiction, representing a hereditary monarch, the Sovereign. The pride of Columbia comes from its beautiful capital city, Rotterdam, its smaller side communities, and its unique culture and national spirit.

The Empire of Columbia was founded in its current form on October 7th, 2017, and its current constitution was ratified on February 11th, 2018, however there were several versions of Columbia before that.


Devoted 3.0

The early history of Columbia begins in May of Devoted 3.0, when leaders of the (then) Empire of Caledonia, United Federation of Normandy, Kingdom of Jyrssa, and Free State of Astronya, came together to form the First Columbian Empire. This was the result of a few weeks of scheming between Chancellor kdeeks of Normandy and Emperor Onederful of Caledonia. Leaders of the United Federation, such as Hamboy_Jr, were also consulted about the unification of Northwestern territories to form Columbia, but did not all desire to join. Serious planning for the country began around April 25th, including the submittal of ideas for the capital city and the formation of a government. The Columbian Empire was based on a council of Grand Princes, who would elect amongst themselves one Emperor in a cycle of elections which occurred once every two months. Grand Princes would transfer the title to one another depending on the results of the vote. Columbia was further expanded when the empire's leaders offered a position as the third Grand Prince to King Zebra of Jyrrsa, who accepted the position and annexation of his kingdom's territory into the Columbian Empire. Additionally, the three leaders plotted to annex the Free State of Astronya, headed by Supreme Leader shadedoom, into the empire by means of coercion or military force. After several days of debate, shadedoom agreed to join Columbia as the fourth Grand Prince and allowed Astronya to become an autonomous district. Once fully united, the Columbian Empire was quick to declare independence from Chanada, who claimed much of its land, and invade the small state of Olympus which refused to be subjugated. The war began on May 3rd, as the volunteer Two Minute Militia formed of Astronyan citizens, and marched on the capital city of the Olympians. Coming only two days after the May 1st Conflict, in which Astronya had previously occupied the capital of Olympus and seized its colors, Astronyans were delighted to have another shot at their Southern rivals. The force was quick to act, and pearled three Olympian leaders within five minutes, then continuing to drive all other citizens away from the country until the city-state was fully occupied. After this, Columbia declined on Devoted 3.0 due to a lack of activity, not having a national Discord server until late in its existence, and the emergence of CivEx 3.0 as a server.

CivEx 3.0

The story of Columbia continued on the CivEx 3.0 server as the core population of Columbia reorganized, created a Discord server, and moved over. While the Columbian Empire on Devoted 3.0 was intended to resemble an imperialistic model of the United States of America, the leaders of Columbia decided to change directions a bit and model the new Columbian state on the Confederate States of America, installing a government which was much more tolerant of local autonomy over national power. Thus began the Confederate States of Columbia, alternatively known as the Columbian Confederacy. The leaders of this Columbian state were the same four oligarchs as from Devoted 3.0, now also adding Hamboy_Jr officially to their ranks, however this time they decided to rebrand themselves as Councilors and abolish the system of rotating authority, making a five way council of equal members. Upon joining the server, Columbians rallied to the center of the map, gathered basic resources, and made a long hike West to claim lands that would eventually become the Syndicate of Co-Prosperity. The key tool Columbians used to recruit new members was to tell them simply, "You have been annexed by the Confederate States of Columbia," and many new citizens willingly joined as a result of this. After a few days of living in the Southwest of the map, the Syndicate settlers in the region became aggravated that we were on what they considered their land, and seeing the complete lack of resources and fertility of the area, Columbia decided to move to the Northwest and settle a long peninsula in the area. There was a brief border dispute with the neighboring state of Arcation, but it was resolved quickly and in Columbia's favor. The oligarchs then divided land and responsibilities, founding the states of: Tennessee, Carolina, Louisiana, and Virginia. A nearby ice mountains continent was also annexed and dubbed Alaska, leadership of it being awarded to NeoTide_, as was the inactive nation of Icenia which became a colony of Columbia, and the far-flung colony of Pasadena led by wittle_wubzy. More autonomous territories were carved out of existing states, including the Autonomous Island of Seminole, and the Leylin Farmers. By then, the population was booming to a height of 34 citizens, but it also proved to be problematic in terms of national supplies and infrastructure. During all of this time of internal political change and restructuring, the nation's infrastructure struggled to be erected, essentially being limited to a large mining pit under Tennessee, a couple small buildings in Nashville, Tennessee, a couple buildings in Alaska, and a sizable but limited farm in Carolina. Additionally, members struggled to get allegiance, and to get materials like clay and melons because of badmin crimes. The struggle for allegiance was particularly troublesome, because Columbia had decided to align itself with the Consulate of Varsany, a state in dispute with Arcation. Arcation, being a very powerful militaristic state, was able to easily overrun Varsany and the limited Columbian aid that was sent due to the PvP restrictions of non-allegiant players.

Eventually, Columbian unity would fall out of the frying pan and into the fire, with the betrayal of Councilor Onederful and Provincial Administrator wittle_wubzy. For quite a while Onederful had been being coached by inactive Channer lunatic bgbba about why he thought Columbia was a horrible nation and why he should betray the state. Onederful took his advice one day, stole all of Columbia's most precious items that the players had all grinded for, including many stacks of obsidian acquired by Herr_Speer, and secretly dropchested it far away. He proceeded to lock everyone out of the national citadel groups, delete the national discord, and go inactive after that. wittle_wubzy then announced the illegal secession of Pasadena from the country. What they thought would destroy Columbia forever only made it rally together stronger. The country quickly made a response via the national news service BOX News, and began an ultimately unsuccessful hunt for Onederful and wittle_wubzy. A few days later wittle_wubzy begged to be allowed back in Columbia, but was rejected for his treasonous acts. Although national spirits were high at the time, a growing movement for reformation sprouted from the base of non-government citizens, advocating for a democratic form of government in which they would get a say and be able to elect a President of Columbia, because the history of Columbia on CivEx 3.0 had proven that the council of five oligarchs, who constantly disagreed and formed voting blocks which vetoed anything from happening, was not a well-functioning form of government. The population and oligarchy agreed to a compromise after much debate, and thus began the drafting of the first ever Constitution of Columbia. This process was promising, however CivEx 3.0 quickly died due to the release of CivClassics 2.0 and the rampant badmin crimes from the CivEx team. Columbia did not move over to CivClassics 2.0 when it came out because of a lack of citizen spirit to continue with the nation.

History of the Grand Duchy and First Empire of Columbia on CivClassics 2.0 to be written.

History of the Unitary Federation of Columbia on Expand to be written.

History of the Lusitan Occupation on CivClassics 2.0 to be written.

History of the restoration and Second Empire of Columbia on CivClassics 2.0 to be written.


Current Structure

To Be Written

Columbian Laws And Legal Code

Timeline of Offices

Monarchs of Columbia
No. Image Name Reign Dynasty Notes
kdeeks 7 October 2017 9 October 2018 Franklin kdeeks, originally one of five founders of Columbia on Devoted 3.0, served as Grand Duke and later Kaiser/Emperor of Columbia until his abdication of the throne following his involvement in the Mount Augusta Revolutionary Front and gifting of the national Discord server to members of Rhodesia, who then terrorized and altered it. Initially his rule was that of an absolute monarch, until the New Year's Compromise was ratified after a period of his inactivity, greatly limiting his powers and installing a constitutional government to represent his will. Over the course of his reign, he would largely shift the nation away from a culture based on middle America to one based on Prussia/Imperial Germany, and play party politics to enact his policies. His adopted son, LegalityX, would hold the title of Grand Prince of Columbia until it was renounced and he was removed from Columbia following his exile pearling by the Holy Jaded Empire. After LegalityX, kdeeks would select Baes20 to be his Grand Prince, until the abdication of the Franklin Dynasty.
Haecceity .PNG
Haecceity_ 10 October 2018 Incumbent Thotmose Previously serving as the Second Chancellor of Columbia, Haecceity_ was elected by the people to succeed kdeeks as Sovereign after his abdication of the throne.
Chancellors of Columbia
No. Image Name Term(s) Party Notes
Just Matter.PNG
Just_Matter 8 January 2018 30 January 2018 Independent Just_Matter first joined Columbia in October of 2017, and was elevated to nobility status with the title of Fürst under Grand Duke kdeeks. He would soon become an important component of Columbian government and production along with Fürst NeoTide_, the two eventually eclipsing kdeeks in importance to Columbia. His rise culminated in his victory of the first election for Chancellor of Columbia, an office which he filled until he and his Vice Chancellor NeoTide_ betrayed the nation, stole a significant portion of government resources, and fled South the begin Okashima, a country which would over time fill with enemies of Columbia.
Haecceity .PNG

(The Great)

4 February 2018 28 March 2018 Franklin Royalist Haecceity_, later known as Haecceity_ The Great, was the Second Chancellor of Columbia. He joined the nation in November of 2017, and rose to the office of Foreign Minister under kdeeks' government. After the betrayal of Just_Matter and NeoTide_, Haecceity_ joined kdeeks, shadedoom, and several other popular Columbians to form the Franklin Royalist Party, a party which would nominate him and push him through the proceeding election. Haecceity_ was chosen for Chancellor because of his greater knowledge of CivClassics logistics and ability to bot than any other Columbian. His term as Chancellor saw a sharp increase in competence among the population, including the introduction of botting into the mainstream Columbian economy, the establishment of defensive capabilities, and the first discussion of creating a national vault. In the end, he resigned his position as a result of the great stress and problems it was causing him. It is generally agreed that Haecceity_ was responsible for the transition of Columbia from a newfriend nation to a more competent and capable state.
Sirboss001 31 March 2018 14 April 2018 Independent The Chancellorship of Sirboss001 was rather short-lived. After the resignation of Haecceity_, he was rushed into office in a briefer-than-normal election, as he was the most competent remaining Columbian during a period of national decay. His term, although short, would see a fair amount of infrastructure improvement in Rotterdam, additions to national defensive capabilities, and the near-complete bankruptcy of the state. In the end, as most Columbians and resources left the country, Sirboss001 disbanded the nation.
shadedoom 2 July 2018 1 November 2018 United Front shadedoom, originally a founder of Columbia on Devoted 3.0, was the first Columbian to ever set foot on and claim Columbian soil in CivClassics 2.0. He was made into a Fürst very early on by kdeeks, and would later become somewhat inactive and be downgraded to a Margrave. He would continue to be inactive for some time, until the Chancellorship of Haecceity_, when he began dedicating more effort to the game. Eventually, once Sirboss001 disbanded the nation on CivClassics 2.0, shadedoom would lead a group of Columbians onto Expand to begin a short-lived iteration of Columbia there. On Expand, several new players were integrated into Columbian circles that would later follow the nucleus back to Columbia on CivClassics 2.0. Following an approximately two month hiatus, Columbia returned in midsummer, through an event known as the Columbian Homeward Migration, under the leadership of shadedoom. shadedoom, who would shortly thereafter win the election for Fourth Chancellor of Columbia, secured independence and recognition for the nation from all global powers. Under his leadership, the Charter of Columbia was reformed, internal organization was strengthened, and the economy began to boom on the back of his Vice Chancellor Hamboy_Jr's efforts in botting to produce EXP. Additionally, in the later portion of his first term, shadedoom began organizing construction efforts on a national vault, following in the footsteps of Haecceity_. Perhaps the biggest change was that, unlike in all previous administrations, drama and intrigue were kept low and seen as a destructive force that led to corruption and divisive relationships; Columbia became a lot more united and internally peaceful as a whole. With most aspects of Columbia improving under him like defense, organization, and production, two severe flaws still existed in his leadership: an inability to moderate international opinion, and a difficulty in promoting citizen activity. However, after appointing Haecceity_ as Foreign Minister once more, international opinion of Columbia somewhat improved. Ultimately, although often imperfect, shadedoom's Chancellorship is generally agreed to have been a very positive thing for the nation.
lemuractionnews 1 November 2018 2 November 2018 New Horizon After being elected on a platform of complete privatization and far-right policies aimed at "making Columbia great again," Chancellor Lemur realized that running and getting elected as a joke candidate was not good for the nation, resigned the position to ex-Vice Chancellor Hamboy_Jr, and renounced his citizenship to, in his view, preserve stability.
Hamboy Jr.PNG
Hamboy_Jr 2 November 2018 Incumbent People's Party
Mayors of Rotterdam
No. Image Name Term(s) Party Notes
NeoTide .PNG
NeoTide_ 8 January 2018 30 January 2018 Independent NeoTide_ was the Vice Chancellor of Columbia and Mayor of Rotterdam under the Chancellorship of Just_Matter. His Mayorship in Rotterdam saw the construction of early government buildings and roads, however the infrastructure of that period has largely been erased, and the most notable remaining vestige of it is the Rotterdam City Hall. Outside of the urban sector of Rotterdam, the old city, colloquially known as Hamlet, was erected by NeoTide_ in the days before the New Year's Compromise, and acted as a temporary settlement for Columbians before downtown Rotterdam was developed.
Unknown person.png
Deuterian 4 February 2018 9 April 2018 Independent The Mayorship of Deuterian was the longest in Columbian history, and saw a significant divergence of style and architecture in Rotterdam. Deuterian, being a student of urban planning in real life, intended to be more hands-off and inactive to allow the same types of design freedoms to private infrastructure planners as in most real life cities. This led to a mixing of architecture from that of Medieval European, Colonial American, Imperial German, art deco, and other styles. Over the period since his time in office, style in Rotterdam has largely been reorganized and unified, which led to the destruction of many aspects of his era's infrastructure.
KnotNSA 2 July 2018 Incumbent Independent During the hiatus of Columbia after the Chancellorship of Sirboss001, KnotNSA was appointed by Lusitania, who had annexed the area of Rotterdam, as Lord of the city. His Mayorship saw great infrastructure improvement by state builders such as Hamboy_Jr and Sirboss001. While KnotNSA's approach to the office was somewhat similar to Deuterian's in being relaxed and hands-off, more control over infrastructure by the national government would help lead to a beautiful, unified style.


Columbia in general consists of primarily mountainous terrain, with various coastal plains and lowland areas surrounding in all directions. There is a large inland lake, known as Lake Columbia, which is fed by the Sisterian River which runs adjacent to the City of Rotterdam. Additionally, there are several smaller islands scattered around the empire, as well as a small marshland exclave bordering Southern Coventhia.

The heart of the empire is the capital City of Rotterdam, which boasts grand, imperial architecture, the Columbian national government, and the Columbian monarchy. There are several smaller settlements and unique regions of Columbia as well, with varying architectural and cultural standards of their own.


Greater Rotterdam Area

Motto: Jewel of the Empire.

Capital: Rotterdam

Region consists of all urban development associated with the city of Rotterdam including the urban core, suburbs, and outlying zones.


Motto: For king, god and fatherland, shalt I serve.

Capital: N/A (Rural District of Rotterdam)

Region consists of the mountainous area North of Rotterdam, notable for being the only region to lack any major urban centre due to its primary role being the resource support of the national capital, and as a place for overflow population settlement.


Motto: Known by their crafts.

Capital: Lenze

Grosskaseland is a topographically diverse, rural county, stretching from the Sisterian River and Lake Columbia to vast infertile expanse of the northern coastal plain. It's hoped that the steady advance of infrastructure should eventually allow the region to properly irrigate this land, thus allowing it to fully support both the increasing population of Lenze.


Motto: Pride in unity.

Capital: Shiedstad

Originally an autonomous fiefdom, Lëtzebuerg was reincorporated as a normal region of Columbia following early reforms in Chancellor shadedoom's first term, which aimed at unifying the nation's population by abolishing the noble class of citizens.


Motto: N/A

Capital: Appolland

Originally another autonomous fiefdom, Zeeland was reincorporated as a normal region of Columbia following the inactivity and removal of Aposii and Green_Trump, its primary overseers. Its capital Appoland has since been given standard township status.

Marshton (Colony)

Motto: How bad can this possibly be?

Capital: N/A

Marshton was first acquired in the early days of Columbia under the absolute government of Emperor kdeeks, which preceded the Chancellery system Columbia now enjoys, as a means of producing cocoa beans, pumpkins, and vines, which are all essential ingredients to some EXP recipes. It has since been repurchased from Coventhia, and used as an agricultural area to support modern Columbian EXP production efforts.

Augska (Colony)

Motto: RIP Augska. RoboKaiser, please come back.

Capital: N/A

Augska was formerly an independent nation in the earlier days of the server, based around lands Southeast of Columbia's heartland. It had since gone inactive, and was annexed in full into the First Empire of Columbia. When the First Empire dissolved for a period of two months, Augskan lands remained unclaimed by foreign powers until the Columbian Homeward Migration saw the reestablishment of Columbia's claim over select Augskan lands under the Second Empire. Later on, Coventhia partitioned much of what remained of Augskan territory, including their old capital city, Augska City. The Columbian colony of Augska now consists of solely the large mesa island in the Southeast of Columbia.


Motto: A land of myth; a people of legend.

Capital: Cammanberg

Formerly an illegal colony of Columbia's infamous and expansionist far-northern rival Kaiserreich, Xylvania is an old, mountainous province stretching from the relatively fertile Cammanberg plateau to the poorly charted and almost inhospitable lands far to the north; which are empty aside from the odd village of shepherds, woodcutters and fishermen. Cammanberg itself is an ancient city, boasting a single central road running its length and many old medieval houses and taverns. It is also home to the world renowned University of Cammanberg which has been educating Columbia's best and brightest since its establishment by Xylvanian monks some 600 years ago.

The university is divided into three colleges (Spire: Arts, Theology, and Humanities; Lindendorff: Sciences and Mathematics; Fritz Junker: Post-Graduate Studies), each of which boasts their own mascot, bar, library, and sports teams. The rivalry between the colleges has always been fierce, especially between the two undergraduate colleges. It isn't unheard of for riots to occur at the end of the termly cricket match or yacht race, although this is far from the worst college riot 200 years ago, when Spire's main dining hall was burned to the ground by a group of Lindendorff students, angry at alleged cheating during the final term's match.