Great Overland Railway

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GOR as of February 2018, red=planned

The Great Overland Railway is a network of surface rails connecting several nations on the Southern and Southwestern Continent. It was conceived by bgbba to connect the original Yoahtl settlements, but once Yoahtl evacuated to New Yoahtl City it was revived with the intention of connecting all the way to the initial Yoahtlan claims.

The railroad now has become a comprehensive backbone of the entire quadrant, separate from all other rail services. It connects homesteaders, small towns and settlements, farms, and great trade cities, in its familiar curved style. Bg has stated that its purpose will eventually include freight services as part of a supercart network, and no part of the rail has a sharp curve that would prevent supercarts.

All junctions will eventually be fully automated as well, with travelers simply adding themselves to a group named for their destination and then via the power of snitch levers, will be sent to where they need to go.

At current, the railroad's main core goes from Vinland all the way to Mount Augusta, with a small isolated section in the original Yoahtlan lands. A branch goes to Southshire, another branch goes to Airhaven and Resimere, and another goes to a jungle outpost, with the intention of finally reaching Axochitlan, Yoahtl's original (dead) city.

Main Route Station (Northwest to Southeast) Branchline Station Line Status
Mount Augusta Finished
Strassbourg Jct Not Started
Westminster Finished
Southshire Finished
Astanna Jct Non-Automated
Barrow Finished
New Yoahtl City (Yoahtl) Finished
Kobylinsky Finished
Melon Jct Finished
Cat Island Jct Manual Usage
Champion Empire Manual Usage
Carvuno Tree Farm Finished
Okashima Finished
Vinland Finished
Jungle Finished
Falstadt Finished
Airhaven Unfinished
Resimere Not Started