Mount Augusta

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Mount Augusta
Flag of Mount Augusta
Government Liberal Democracy
Mayor Godomasta
Diplomat Gantoe
Judges Crimeo, Azkedar, Citylion
Founded March 2012
Demonym Augustan
Population ~40
Location -6700, 3000
Founding Document Constitution of Mount Augusta

Mount Augusta is a large city-state in the -,+. It is most well known for its complex legal code, decorated judiciary, and friendliness to newfriends, as well as its long history dating back to the first iteration of Civcraft and its propensity for grid city layouts.

The city-state takes its name from its founders' attempts to randomly zoom in on places in Google Maps until a good name popped up;[1] eventually, the founders landed on Alaskan Boundary Peak 183, named 'Mount Augusta' after the wife of an employee of the US Geological Survey, J. Augusta Olmsted Russell.

Mt. Augusta is governed according to the Constitution of Mount Augusta, a document which details the judiciary, executive, voting rights, and other functions of the state. It was founded according to a minarchist philosophy that subscribes to the idea of a Night-watchman state, aiming to provide military protection and courts to citizenry to protect from aggression, breach of contract and fraud while also safeguarding property rights.


Mt. Augusta is located at -6700, 3000 on a large sea-level plains biome. It is bordered by the Holy Jaded Empire to the north and the Commonwealth to the south. Directly across a small sea to the east, Mt. Augusta is buffeted by Compton and the Jefferson Confederacy.Of special note is the borough of the Commonwealth, Albion, which is the nearest city south of Augusta, and Milltown to the north, the nearest constituent to the Holy Jaded Empire.



Before Civclassic, Mt. Augusta existed in different iterations of various civ-genre servers. The very first server that Mt. Augusta was involved in was Civcraft 1.0. Originally founded as the Augustan Republic, it became one of the most widely known cities, famed for its welcoming attitude and friendliness to new players. Despite suffering through wars, theater performances, assassinations, and corruption scandals, Mt. Augusta in Civcraft 1.0 was marked by the unity and fraternity of citizens, regardless of ideology.

As Civcraft 1.0 drew to an end, Mt. Augusta was reborn in Civcraft 2.0. During this time, it was led by many mayors, but the most famous Augustan leader of this period was Lord Mayor Prof_TANSTAAFL. During Civcraft 2.0, Mt. Augusta was involved in numerous conflicts, ranging from the feud with Gensokyo and related skirmishes such as the Goten Crisis and Fall of New Detroit to being a battleground between forces in the Libertas-Eden Cold War and later Nox War.

Mt. Augusta's time in the short-lived Civcraft 3.0 was marked by intense cooperation. Led by Njordmir and aleksey_t, Mt. Augusta quickly became a major player among the shards as an XP-producing trade powerhouse. This time would be short lived, however, as Civcraft 3.0 met its demise, and Mt. Augusta moved on to Devoted 3.0.

Devoted 3.0 saw one of the most aesthetically stunning iterations of Mt. Augusta yet, with beautiful curving roads, flowing terrain, and the heart and souls of its citizenry. However, much like other 3.0s, Devoted 3.0's time was limited, and the move to Civclassic was inevitable. Shortly before the end of Devoted 3.0, the citizenry of Mount Augusta agreed to move to an unofficial spinoff of Mt. Augusta in Civclassic, the current home of the city-state.

The TdC Conflict

MtA came to a rocky start in Civclassic. New mayor ProgramMC, was determined to keep the city alive and bring the former players from devoted to Civclassic. The city was established on the same island as another nation, TdC. At first the people of TdC were afraid of the new Augustan presence. In past iterations, MTA was a thriving and sprawling city, and the small nation was worried of annexation and overshadowing by the Augustan territory. However, Augustan mayor, ProgramMC eased these worries, and there was peace for a time. However, tensions with the neighboring TdC began to grow worse. Griefing and murders began to be commonplace within MTA and TdC, and as a result, MTA's population started to die out. TdC eventually annexed the former city. This period came to an end after Mayor ProgramMC, furious over the annexation, griefed TdC's main city on the alt ManicMineman. Much of the grief still remains to this day[2].

The Return of MTA

With no city and few active citizens, MTA set its sights on a new location. In November 2017, under the leadership of Mayor Ahrimanne and former mayor ProgramMC, MTA revived at its current location. This had also resulted in new set of conflicts, however this time, internally. After a short period of respite, the formation of Political Parties resulted in attracting ever more litigious players. The power struggle between these groups came to and end after the National Union Party withdrew from the city. Without political parties, Ahrimanne and ProgramMC resumed taking turns as mayors of Mount Augusta. It later became known that this stability could be achieved thanks to the "Constitutionalist Party" (which most of the government formed part of back then), that operated secretly in Mount Augusta. The Constitutionalist Party was dissolved and revealed to the public.

Modern Mount Augusta

On August 8th, elections for Mayor were held[3]. This election has been the largest, by amount of casted votes and registered voters. For the first time (this iteration), neither Ahrimanne nor ProgramMC were running and Godomasta was seen as the top candidate.

ProgramMC would join the mayoral race later on and tie with Godomasta. ProgramMC triumphed in the runoff, but due to the new wave of instability, resigned[4] after a few weeks; leaving Mount Augusta in anarchy for a few days. Former NUP members would take the opportunity to wall off the voter tree and attempt to take the city by attacking the MtA vault. This attempt to seize power failed, and all those involved were apprehended.

Godomasta was chosen as the new mayor shortly after, and has been recently reelected.


The Mount Augustan government consists of a Mayor, 3 Judges, and a Diplomat. Information regarding this can be found in our Constitution. We also have a court system operating on our other /r/mtaugustajustice which follows our criminal code.


In progress maps: MtA Map / offsite