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What is Civclassic?

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The wiki for the Minecraft civilization server r/Civclassics (IP: mc.civclassic.com, 1.12.2). This wiki chronicles the rise and fall of the entirely user created civilizations. This wiki is 588 days old and still under construction- edit errors or make comments in the discussion tab. Join us on Discord.

Getting Started

You can build a world but breathing life into it takes more than just blocks. It takes a choice between order and chaos, a choice between justice and tyranny. — 'Welcome to Civcraft, Civcraft Trailer

A primary method of communication is Discord, it is highly advised you the Discord of nations you are interested in : Discord Servers


Useful Mods

Main article: Mods

Mods are by no means required but the quality of life increase can be large. Here are five of the most used:

  • Minimap: View map of explored territory and create waypoints. Note: Cave mode is not allowed.
  • Gamma bright: Toggle full brightness all the time
  • Macromod: Automate task such as farming. Note: You may not read block data.
  • Schematica
  • The5zigmod

Editing Guide

See also Editing guide

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Ensure you attribute images : This can be as simple as writing authors name in summary when uploading

Why should I edit? What's in it for me?


  • Free advertising for your group
  • A single page to direct your nations new players so they can better understand the culture.

Free PR improvment

  • Increase citizen patriotism and make your nation appear more legitimate
  • Having a backstory makes it easier for others to empathize.

Better subreddit content

For future you

  • This wiki will far outlast civclassic. Next iteration read the wiki to learn from your mistakes.
  • Preserve your groups legacy.


  • Q: How do I create a page?

Search for desired page name and press the central red link

  • Q: How do I upload pictures?

There is an 'upload file' link in the left sidebar under 'Tools'. Try to have your filename contain keywords: Files can then be easily searched using Special:ListFiles or Special:NewFiles

  • Q: How do I format my page?

Click the help button in editor toolbar to see basic syntax of links and formatting. Use {{Template:Civilization}} for a basic template. For examples and inspiration find a page in the Model or Good Pages section and press edit in the top right. Copy the item you want and surrounding brackets: i.e. {{infobox ... }}. Additionally, when creating info boxes try to keep consistent with categories and order of other info boxes. Some specific formatting examples can be found in Editing guide#tips

  • Q: Im still confused.

Join https://discord.gg/H74bEUp and ask for clarification or use a discussion page (Found in top left)

  • Of course while well formatted pages are best, if you are struggling a sentence or two edit is much better than nothing!

Editor Piorities

  • Contributing to an existing or creating a wanted nation page is always first priority: If you have done all you can for nation pages:
  • Create good templates - particularly an easy to use Nation creation template
  • Determine how to make an accurate Somber War page: This is one of the most significant pages yet also most likely to contain controversial differing opinions. Possibly a basic timeline with references should be created first.
  • Help improve the editing page and this summary - What are readers confused about, in what areas do editing guidelines need work?
  • Merge the all new player guides into a single cohesive page and a summary in Getting Started
  • Fix small common mistakes: Pages that lack a category, pages without ccmap link and small formatting errors. To find these new pages use Special:NewPages.
  • Place small icons next to nation names so list such as the Good pages sections are easier to skim
  • Eventually create a Category:Model articles & Category:Good articles and find a way to autolist pages in said categories in the Welcome to the Civclassic Wiki#Explore section
  • If you are unsure something merits an edit use the discussion tab


Use the discussion page to feature your civ or change its rank

See also Useful Categories

Featured civs

Civs not on the civball map, portrayed incorrectly or disproportionately small.

Mount Augusta, Nyasaland

★★★★★ Model pages

These pages are finished, perfectly formatted and an interesting read.

Kaltsburg, Airhaven, Commonwealth Of Nyasaland, Verda, Ceylon, Lusitania, Brewery Guide, Pacem, The Commonwealth, Order of St Marcus, Gabon

★★★★ Good pages

These pages have good formatting and good content.

Air Bud Republic, Freelands, Knights of the Golden Circle, Pinnacle, Pruthenia, Rowa, Xalta Moro, Ossenkirch, Augsburg, Mithrin, Old Kingdom of Kaltsburg, Carpathia, Entranan Republic, Vinland, Iria, Southshire, Getting Started Guide, Icenia, SPQR, Hjaltland, Gensokyo, Bloom, Orthodoxy, Columbia, Fall of Lexington, Discord Servers, Flags, Crowsroost, United Northern Congress, Impasse, Laconia, Yoahtl, Mir, Mount Augusta, Caledonia, Adina, Odresh

★★★ In progress pages

These pages have some information and some pictures but may feel unfinished.

BlueSylvaer, Botting, Canalism, Entranan Transcontinental Express, Great Overland Railway, HITS, Jumpism, Lëtzebuerg, Marcus Flaminius, Recent Changes to the Server, Tambov, Thalassocracy, Trekestan, Tvtopia, Vinetown, Wayrest, Westeros, Niederburg, Western Cooperative Organization, Lyra, SESU, Maltovia, Plugins, Second Olympics, Qji, Annwyn, Blackwater, Timeline of First Month, Kaltstadt, Olympics, Okashima, Tynemouth, Nipplerock, First Olympics, Northern Coast Alliance, Communist Republic of Rostov, Tierra de Conciencia, Rhodesia, Tel Aviv, Brennau, Zero Zero, Enchanting, Brotherhood of Steel, Rowan Stronghold, Eclipse, The Gods of Light, End Citadel, Resimere, Anguish, Holy Jaded Empire, Geographical Regions, Third Olympics, Entente, Sovia, Walton incident, Order of the White Lotus, SATO, Neuchâtel, NATO, Maester Alliance, Western Alliance, Shardore Tower Library, CivTCG, Mining, United States of America, Free Republik of Unitas, Sintralin, Vzis, Libraries, Nudist Beach, LSD, Somber War, Astonia, Imperial Truidence, Icenian Revolutionary Front, Risk Republic, Asiro, Vítelia, Appomattox, Nevrast, Union of Socialist Augusta

★★ Other pages

These pages may be stubs, have formatting errors or contain outdated data

Coventhia, Dhara, Greenmarsh, Hallow, Ham was here, Hellyeahgis, Ionia, Lusitania Geographical Society, Magmus, Obschina, Omerican Federal Republic, Pinkertown Conflict, Provincia, Savannah, Propaganda, Königsberg, GNI, Bonn, Georgia, Prussia, Savion, UNATCO, Etherium, Nymph, Lexington, Albion, Big Eastern North-South Rail, StateApparatus, Altraids, Benistan, Tarragona, LSIF, Oistins, Allenstein, Nyasaland, Clown Wars, Shardore Tower Library, Libraries, Laconia incident, Hotel California, Dagon

★ To be created

A random selection of topics which lack a page. You can help!


Note: The views expressed in this wiki do not necessarily represent the views of the civclassics server admins