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Yoahtl Flag.png
Flag of Yoahtl
Capital City New Yoahtl City (Official Name: Nixotlan)
Government Semi-Constitutional Council Monarchy
Alcuahtl bgbba
Deputy Alcuahtl Feathercrown
Councillors Feathercrown, Spacevolcano, Gbrbgryn, and Tigen
Founded 2010; NYC founded 7/11/17
Demonym Yoahtlan
Population ~40-50, 39 active citizens
Location -5000, 7000
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Yoahtl is a fairly old nation that was founded on this server by St.Leibowitz, Quauhtli_Mia, Klasikrok, WackyAki and Bgbba. It has a bustling economy and prioritizes art, community and security. It was a member of the Western Alliance during the Somber War and helped destroy the Lexington vault towards the end of the war. Yoahtl is also known for the fact it is a bustling and lived in city, where the strict dereliction laws and large apartments ensure that there are no useless buildings or spaces in the city.



The origin of Yoahtl lies shrouded mostly in myth, legend, and non-living memory. Quauhtli_Mia has recorded most of Yoahtl's history into a series of volumes ingame. For a brief background here: Yoahtl divides its history into a series of 'Eras', each with their own feeling and style and population. There have been nearly a dozen of these, but for our purposes there have been four in the Civ server genre:

The Era of Resettlement

This era was marked by the end of Meloncraft and the exodus of many Yoahtlans to Civcraft 2.0. This era began in Meloncraft and was characterized by a sense of being lost and purposeless. The community struggled to survive and adapt to the new environment of Civcraft. This era came to an end with the coming of the Goodspringers and St_Leibowitz, the future Alcuahtl, who took a look at Yoahtl's governing traditions and found them lacking.

The Era of Dissent

This era was the era of Yoahtl's many attempts at a constitution and governmental reform. It was an era formed out of the necessity of change to the community that came from being on a new server. However, the incongruity between the attempted reforms and Yoahtl's traditions led to a period of intense disorganization and power struggles, allowing proliferation of selfish interests. Faced with the ongoing infighting and ineffective governance brought on by corruption and poor governmental reforms, the community split and shattered, leaving Yoahtl nearly dead. During the worst of these times, Yoahtl consisted of Quauhtli_Mia, Klasikrok, WackyAki, And St. Leibowitz.

The Era of Reclaimation

This era is marked by the return to traditions and a more informal governing style and focus on community rather than politics. This era began after the arrival of Yoahtl to its current home. This era also is marked with the removal of redundant or useless laws and regulation and ensuring that those in power make rules to serve the populace and build community rather than gaining power. This era has come of age during the Somber War, but ended with the Lex vault break and the formation of SATO.

The Era of Resurgence

This era has yet to be defined, because we're currently in it.


New Yoahtl City

The capital of the Yoahtlan kingdom, often known simply as NYC. Built on a great terracotta mesa/dark oak forest island in the (-,+) after the Yoahtlans were chased out of their own home, Axochitlan, it is a dense metropolis built around the philosophy that activity begets activity. While most cities and towns on the server are large and sprawling, Yoahtl maintains strict dereliction policies in order to keep the urban center as bustling as possible. New players who are not yet sure of their commitment to the game are offered apartments in one of the many public housing buildings. In order to maximize use of space as well as for aesthetic reasons, citizens are encouraged to build their living and storage quarters above their shops in a mixed-use arrangement. Space-intensive economic activity such as farming is done outside the walls.

One benefit of NYC's density is that it makes it much easier to defend. It takes fewer snitches, bastions, and beacons to cover the entire city, and because there are so many eyes around at all times anyone trying to sneak in to steal would be found immediately. Furthermore the town center is surrounded by walls and its famous trench, which extends all the way down to bedrock and makes casual entry infeasible. Inside the walls, the maze of tangled streets, back alleys, and underground tunnel networks make navigation difficult to everyone but longtime residents. Yoahtlans consider their well-defended capital to be a point of national pride and strength.


Barrow is a small farm producing town near by New Yoahtl city. Its largest product is pumpkins, and it is the source of most of Yoahtl's pumpkins.


Main article: Resimere


The original settlement on the server, which has been reclaimed and revived under the direction of Quauhtli_mia.


Yoahtl has a strong economy, with a competitive market for most goods, fostered by the density of NYC and the proliferation of outlying towns.


The leader of Yoahtl is the Alcuahtl. The way one becomes Alcuahtl is to be selected by the current Alcuahtl to serve as their successor, although this has more frequently than not been the Deputy Alcuahtl. The Alcuahtl is the absolute ruler, but they are not above the law and the citizenry are allowed to take the Alcuahtl to trial. The Alcuahtl has access to the entirety of the government wealth, but such wealth can only be used for governmental purposes. The current Alcuahtl is bgbba.

The Deputy Alcuahtl is similar to a vice president, and has the full power of the Alcuahtl when they are not around. They also help the Alcuahtl by doing duties delegated to them by the Alcuahtl. They are elected from the Council by the Council.

The nation is also ruled by a group of councillors. These councillors are citizens who were elected to their position in order to foster community, pass laws and lead the nation in accordance with the Alcuahtl. The deputy Alcuahtl is a councillor as well, but the Alcuahtl is not. The current councillors are Feathercrown, Spacevolcano, gbrbgryn, and Tigen.