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The Free State of Appomattox
Capital City Antietam
Government A series of autistic ramblings
Grand Pontiff Screenname
Archdeacon Tomocat
Founded 26 June 2017
Demonym Appomattoxicans
Population A bunch of ghosts and some tumbleweeds
Coat of Arms Appomattox Coat of Arms.png
Succeeded by Yonder-Dixie.png Yonder-Dixie

The Free State of Appomattox is a horrible place bordered by Garundistan to the south-east, Iria to the west and the other ones. It is connected to the international rail complex and has connections from its capital to Bibelebonse Berg, that Jewish place and Lexington. It has had a tumultuous history and is a frequent target for terrorist activities.


Originally settled at the beginnings of the civcraft server


On the 30th of August 2017 the largest scale terrorist attack occurred, this attack carried out by Lxgtn and company, caused widespread destruction to infrastructure, destroying all factories, disabling many redstone contraptions and destroying farms. These devastating attacks caused the nation to collapse causing a great migration.

International Terrorism

Half the population of the nation are currently pearled by Mir for various war crimes such as aiding Lexington, raiding Lexington and memeing too hard.

Photo gallery

Here is a stunning display of all the horrid houses:

Notable residents

Other players not included