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Third State of Astonia
Flag of Astonia (Fire And Water Cross)
Capital City Euless, Richland Lakes[1]
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Leaders SinjoroJoCrafter (Emperor)
Founders SinjoroJoCrafter
Location (+,-)
Demonym Astonians
Official Languages English, Esperanto[1]

First Kingdom

The First Kingdom of Astonia was founded on the swamp island of Astonia. Its capital was Astonia City. It lasted from June 30 to July 2, 2018.

Adinan Rule

Astonia was discovered to be inside the claims of a larger nation called Adina. For 15 days, Astonia was a province of Adina.

During this period, Astonia established air routes to Adina City, Icenia City, and other places.

Second Kingdom

Astonian War of Secession

Astonia seceded from Adina following a lot of tension regarding the unstable leadership of Kalipso_Angel (the Adinan King)

The Adinan militia then invaded Astonia and destroyed it, causing the Astonian governement to flee to 'New Astonia.'

In New Astonia

After going to New Astonia on the 17th, the Kingdom was re-established. The Kingdom expanded to its nearby islands and grew to 5 citizens at its peak.

Astonian-Adinan War

Wikibox for the Astonian-Adinan War

After threats were thrown back and forth, Astonia, with ally Nipplerock, declared war on Adina.

Raid on Royal Isle

The Adinan Civil Guardia destroyed the Royal Isle, the Astonian center of power. Astonia was on the back foot after this.

Old Astonia theater

SinjoroJoCrafter fought to attempt to retake Old Astonia. It was a failure, and he only accomplished destroying his old carrot farms.

Attacks on Adina

Gantoe of Nipplerock bombed Adina city, including the Palace and Judge's house.


The Astonian territories were partitioned after SinjoroJoCrafter quit the server.
After two months, SinjoroJoCrafter returned to the server.

Third Kingdom

September 2019 Election

Election Results
Grand Minster Tribune of the Plebs*
Evann (5 votes) (x) Evann (4 votes)
GunmetalMercy (3 votes) SwiftFizz (4 votes) (x)
ImperatorMendes (1 vote)

* SwiftFizz was given the position of Tribune of the Plebs because Evann won his election for Grand Minister first.

First Administration

First Administration
Position Holder
Hand of the Emperor Pirater
Grand Minister Evann
Tribune of the Plebs SwiftFizz

Roman Crisis

The SPQR government threatened Pirater, the Hand of The Emperor, after he made threats against SPQR, because of their support of Entente / "World Police" actions.

After a failed attempt at diplomacy, the Astonian government declared all SPQR citizens pearl-on-sight. Evann and SwiftFizz resigned after this crisis.



The Emperor controls Religious, Military, and Diplomatic aspects of the state.[1]

Hand of the Emperor

The Emperor's right hand. Has their power in the absence of the Emperor.[1]

Grand Minister

The Grand Minister candidates require approval from the Emperor. They have control over legal and some diplomatic aspects of the kingdom.[1]

Tribune of the Plebs

Tribune of the Plebs candidates do not require Imperial approval. They have control over some legal and military matters.[1]


Richland Lakes

This region is a ways north of Old Astonia, (now Xi'an, Adina)
It is a swamp, and it contains many buildings of a civilization long forgotten. Its regional capital is Euless, the national capital.[1] Its governor is SinjoroJoCrafter.

Astonia's End

An end fortress that is used for grinding endermen, and its surroundings. Its governor is Yellofishy.