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(Second) Kingdom of (New) Astonia
Flag of Astonia (Fire And Water Cross)
Capital City New Astonia City
Government Monarchy
Leaders SinjoroJoCrafter (King)
Founders SinjoroJoCrafter
Location [1]
Demonym Astonians


First Kingdom

The First Kingdom of Astonia was founded on the swamp island of Astonia. Its capital was Astonia City. It lasted from June 30 to July 2, 2018.

Adinan Rule

Astonia was discovered to be inside the claims of a larger nation called Adina. For 15 days, Astonia was a province of Adina.

Astonian War of Secession

Astonia seceded from Adina following a long trial regarding foreign affairs with the current king, SinjoroJoCrafter.

The Adinan militia then invaded Astonia and destroyed it, causing the Astonian governement to flee to 'New Astonia.'

Second Kingdom of (New) Astonia

After going to New Astonia on the 17th, the Kingdom was re-established.


The Government is ruled by the king.