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Flag of Caledonia
Demonym Caledonian
Capital City Aberdeen
Government Diarchy
Consuls Meat312, Wingzero54
Founded July 2018
Population 7
Location +,+ Quadrant; 8800, 600

Caledonia is a friendly nation in the +,+ quadrant, founded by Wingzero54 and meat312.

It is connected by rail to Iria, Pripyat, Entrana, and the Brotherhood of Steel. It is connected to the 0,0 - Mir rail through the Iria rail; to Vinland, New Yoahtl City, and Westminster through Entrana.

It is well known for being a welcoming nation full of nice people and for its securemall, the whitelisted shopping building that requires pre-approval to access to purchase enchanted diamond tools, armor, and weapons.

Caledonia welcomes any new players looking to get started, the experienced playerbase is ideal for helping teach new players the server mechanics.

Exports, Trade

Prot 4, enchanted tools, and weapons are all big exports for Caledonia. Meat312 is a renowned producer of enchanted goods, all of which are available to purchase from securemall in Caledonia once pre-approved for access. Bulk purchases are also available - have a big digging job ahead of you? Buy 10 pickaxes in bulk to receive an even greater discount!

Obsidian is available for purchase as well, produced by Wingzero, Caledonia will price match any better offers you can show proof of! Bulk purchases of obby are welcome.

More shops are soon being setup in the securemall area, with new offerings like logs, rotten flesh, wool, dandelions, stone, andesite, diorite, granite, and more getting added every day!

Players from all over the +,+ and the server in general travel to Caledonia to purchase these goods, and Caledonia is working to improve rail connections to make it easier than ever to access the shops.

XP Production

Wingzero54 created Yoahtl Eastern Hamlet XP (YEHXP) with Gdan, Nevermoregrimm, and gbrb. The four of them created the XP farms in eastern Yoahtl, and used the farms for personal XP production and to assist the Yoahtl government in their XP production.

When Wingzero54 and Meat312 left to create Caledonia, Wingzero54 farmed YEHXP for a while longer but the great distance between the XP farms and Caledonia led Wingzero54 to quit farming them for some time. The other founders grew inactive and quit playing Minecraft, leaving the farms unused. A griefer, believed to be Poortea, griefed the farms but it was quickly cleaned up by Wingzero54 and they were then bastioned to prevent future grief.

When Fredhun14 joined Caledonia he immediately desired to create XP, and together with Wingzero54 (but mostly Fredhun) they began farming the YEXHP farms once again and churning out XP.

Caledonia floated the idea of taking over the territory holding YEHXP from Yoahtl, but was quickly rejected despite Yoahtl's disuse of the land.

After that Caledonia built its' own XP farms to bring production to a local area and reduce reliance on long-distance foreign lands. With the creation of the new farms, Caledonia abandoned YEHXP which now stays under the ownership of GDAN and is available for use to Yoahtl.


Caledonia had its' roots in Yoahtl, dreamt up by Yoatlan citizens who had grown disillusioned with the functions and operations of the Yoahtl government. Wingzero54 had served as Councillor for two terms and Deputy Alcuahtl throughout one of those terms. Meat312 served as Councillor for one term.

Both had different, but similar, reasons for wanting to leave Yoahtl. The endless government battles on policy and menial details alone was enough to drive anybody insane. Wingzero54 had spent his first council term attempting to push through governmental reforms, and after meeting an impenetrable wall in the form of Dr_Oracle, spent his second council term coming to grips with how he could function in the Yoahtl government. Eventually Wingzero54 found that he could not stand Yoahtl anymore, his own views on government and operations being so different from Yoahtl's. One aspect which drove a wedge was Yoahtl's deeply ingrained policy of isolation, and for a long time, unwillingness to actively bring in new players.

Wingzero54 and Meat312 had gotten to know each other first by working together in the Prot business. Meat312 has been a mainstay in the Prot trade since he started on the server, and Wingzero54 had the ambition of selling discounted prot 3 instead of prot 4. He worked with meat312 to learn the trade and while he ended up just selling Prot 4 (making Prot 3 is just untenable), he forged bonds of friendship with meat312.

Time spent together on the council brought Wingzero and Meat closer together, even though they clashed on many ideas. Meat312's dis-illusionment came from frustrations of being Yoahtl's general. There were constant squabbles about how much access Meat should have to government resources and funds, and a constant tug-of-war granting and taking away citadel group permissions. Yoahtl invading Laconia was the final straw for Meat312. He saw the conflict through to the end, but by then was fully resolved to abandon Yoahtl for a new nation with Wingzero54.

Caledonia Original Claims

The two players wanted to leave for greener pastures, aka less active region. They naturally gravitated to the +,+ quadrant which was quiet and until the fall of 2018, pretty empty. Wingzero54 had a requirement in mind - a convenient spread of biomes which could sustain large scale XP farming within the boundaries of the nation. They found that in their eventual claims, a large island with several biomes, all large enough to hold XP farms.

Wingzero54 and Meat312 spent July preparing the nation, building basic infrastructure before publicly declaring their nation. The announcement came in August 2018 on the subreddit. As previously mentioned, the fall of 2018 was a burgeoning time for the +,+ quadrant with many new nations cropping up.

After a couple months in Caledonia, and the founding of the capital, Aberdeen, Meat312 began advertising his wares again for players all across the server to come buy prot and tools in Caledonia. A couple alt raiders hit Aberdeen, craft_2_kids (to this day an unknown alt that has never logged in again) got away with multiple sets of prot and weapons and assumedly dropchested them outside of Caledonia where another account picked them up, or they are waiting to be grabbed perhaps still to this day. After this raid we overhauled the prot and tool sales, but several restricted inventory and access which hurt sales. Erutara attempted to raid, but was caught in the act by Wingzero54 who, expecting a naked random, instead found a fully geared and potted account which proceeded to wipe the floor with Wingzero54. N3ptune would later admit to being Erutara some months later.

Caledonia Current Claims

In response to the alt raids to Aberdeen, and with Mir expanding their own claims, Caledonia decided to expand its' claims to meet the borders of Mir and enable them to expand their snitch grids. It was announced November 2018 on the subreddit.

Throughout this entire time period Caledonia consisted mainly of just Wingzero54 and Meat312. Scouter9001 moved to Caledonia and played for some time before becoming inactive. Other assorted players joined and quit playing, all attempts at recruitment ending in failure.

A renaissance would come to Caledonia, however, with the concurrence of several events. A secure shopping mall was designed and constructed, the current home of the prot, tool and weapon sales of Meat312. It is whitelisted to control access to the shopchests. New players arrived in the form of HenryDrayton, of MtA, who decided to leave MtA after the fall of Godomasta and failure of that administration. Fredhun14, longtime friend of Wingzero54 from a previous server, became active in minecraft again and joined CivClassic.

Caledonia has recently annexed the Brotherhood of Steel, announced June 2019 on the subreddit. The two nations had been working together since the Brotherhood of Steel moved into old Freedonia, and the consolidation of small +,+ nations is seen as being good for the overall health and activity of the quadrant.


Caledonia has a nice variety of biomes, consisting of Savanna, red desert, sunflower plains, roofed forest and mesa. Caledonia borders Carpathia, New Sovia, Brennau, Mir, and the U3P.



Abderdeen is the capital of Caledonia and destination of all rail lines. The famed securemall can be found just outside of Aberdeen.


Freedonia is the former home of the Brotherhood of Steel before joining Caledonia, who had resided in the dilapidated town built by the long dead nation of Freedonia.