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Capital City Sweethome
Government Advisory autocracy
Chief LordChieftain
National dish Bread, it's easy to make
Founded 3rd of March 2018
Religion None
Motto In this world, it's OOF or be OOF'd.
Population like, 2?
Colours Red and gold

Dagon is a developing nation in the corner of the Northwest quadrant. It neighbours Gensokyo to the East, Impasse to the Northwest (RIP), and the TDC directly to the West. It takes pride in being a land where traditional architectural designs are a must, and architectural integrity is crucial. Dagon currently is linked to no railway line, but plans are being made. Dagon will need to benefit and make use of its neighbours, as biome-diversity is quite low in Dagon, thus making it harder to grow various types of crops. Realistic biomes? Yeah, never knew it was "realistic" to make animals completely infertile in forests.

Dagon sits near the centre of the map, so this should make it a more profitable spot due to easy access to trade. However, this makes it more vulnerable to shitters and griefers.

Also we need recruits real bad.

Lordchieftain, ruler of Dagon. Hail to the King, baby.