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In Civcraft times, there was a central Mumble server that was used for most of the international communication. Nowadays each nation has their own Discord server. This page attempts to connect all people of CivClassic together again.

Note : If you do not wish for your discord to be included use Talk:Discord Servers (Alternatively, change invite perms and revoke old invites) Note 2 : Replace the member count with Dead(member count) for completely inactive discords. Bear in mind this is a subjective measure.

Sortable table
Name Discord Link Notes Members
CivClassics Official Discord Official https://discord.gg/t3cjWTg Does not contain any open channels 593
-,+ Quadrant Quadrant https://discord.gg/VHzVKbA 46
+,+ Quadrant Quadrant https://discord.gg/ByqZeEP Sporadic activity, always high in drama 103
-,- Quadrant Quadrant https://discord.gg/cKmUjqG 55
+,- Quadrant Quadrant https://discord.gg/8Ff4cfE 53
Northern Coast Alliance Alliance https://discord.gg/nZ32gxE
North East Alliance Alliance https://discord.gg/5x6WTwR 12
Order of the White Lotus Alliance https://discord.gg/mksj5SX 85
UNATCO Alliance https://discord.gg/nGz29ka 16
United Northern Congress Alliance https://discord.gg/6NffGWC 84
Airhaven Nation https://discord.gg/npjVTR9 28
Ancapistan Nation https://discord.gg/6nr6cZS 52
Annwyn Nation https://discord.gg/usN78Ur 35
Appomattox Nation [removed dead link]
Arkhangel Nation https://discord.gg/QzE4Wzw 7
Auroean Republic Nation https://discord.gg/nQhzpRx 45
Aznazia Nation https://discord.gg/ufzBaw7 83
Bloom Nation https://discord.gg/CncFK28 149
Cal's Cantina Nation https://discord.gg/tdp8E2M 22
Carpathia Nation https://discord.gg/25PmpQ5 27
Atlantis Nation https://discord.gg/nSxSkWe 58
Columbia Nation https://discord.gg/9s2xqb2 94
Commonwealth Nation https://discord.gg/PSvZe7J 267
Coventhia Nation https://discord.gg/YUDVbzt 136
Free Republik of Unitas Nation http://discord.gg/qvGVHzw 19
Gabon Nation https://discord.gg/QJUdbdQ 39
Gensokyo Nation https://discord.gg/6e4yJpx 150
Hallow Nation [removed dead link]
Hjaltland Nation [removed dead link]
Impasse Nation https://discord.gg/69kGW7D 136
Iria Nation https://discord.gg/BVjuTwb 93
Jefferson Nation https://discord.gg/J7WCuTb 61
Kabul Nation https://discord.gg/Yb7Yu3q 37
Kanagawa Nation https://discord.gg/6rf723a 26
Kaiserreich Nation https://discord.gg/9XZ2bAQ 41
Kaltsburg Nation https://discord.gg/fhSGZUX 52
Lusitania Nation https://discord.gg/wKPVCB9 84
Maltovia Nation [removed dead link]
Mount Augusta Nation https://discord.gg/gEGQQy3 The most essential global discord; Can be high in drama and easily sidetracked but perhaps the most active and diverse of all civ discords 266
Nyasaland Nation https://discord.gg/c47KZKY 52
Nro'meagh Steppes Nation https://discord.gg/kUEtByF 53
Nymph Nation https://discord.gg/Aev8nYz 54
Odresh Nation https://discord.gg/r9K4d8g 29
Okashima Nation https://discord.gg/KCs6mPg
Pripyat Nation [removed dead link]
Pruthenia Nation [removed dead link]
Resimere Nation https://discord.gg/9cGQqeg 8
Rowa Nation https://discord.gg/QkS87er 17
SFDNT Nation [removed dead link]
Southshire Nation https://discord.gg/kxAaBkf 109
Sovia Nation https://discord.gg/hcdG5Je 28
Sovia-Verda Oligarchy Nation https://discord.gg/h2fgwv9 15
Tungsten Nation https://discord.gg/wuEmsM5 Dead(34)
Tvtopia Nation https://discord.gg/qweAtkk 65
Varkonia Nation [removed dead link]
Varsany Nation https://discord.gg/WEvWkVS 17
Verda Nation https://discord.gg/apmGK8M 47
Vinland Nation https://discord.gg/ZCS36Bt
Vitelia Nation https://discord.gg/x4Rjtc8 72
Wallachia Nation [removed dead link]
Yoahtl Nation [removed dead link]
Bank of Rokko Other https://discord.gg/rMAySqV 41
Block Party Other https://discord.gg/6Qevt2E Dead(12)
BOX Talk Other https://discord.gg/DF8Y5qE 150
CCMap & MoreChunks Other https://discord.gg/aFgnFTz 15
CivClassic Content Creator's Club Other https://discord.gg/9MsMmBx Inactive periods; can contain interesting meta discussion 94
CivClassics Book Tracking Club Other https://discord.gg/TSUCbmj 39
CivClassics LGBTQ+ Other [removed dead link]
CivClassicsExchange Other https://discord.gg/6EcsnKA 267
Civcrafters Other https://discord.gg/7Re2wQx 137
CivRadio Other https://discord.gg/xmaKf6v 36
CivMumble Other https://discord.gg/wcbfaGN A newer discord; Noble in aims though mostly toxicity and shitposting 130
CivTCG Other https://discord.gg/BREVwuK 86
CivWiki & CivBall Other https://discord.gg/R9pPcHR 119
ClassicRail Other https://discord.gg/ymJAwaQ Often inactive;however contains many useful resources and discussion for navigating around the map 114
Club Penguin Other https://discord.gg/TABvkZ3 Dead(7)
EstraPvP Other https://discord.gg/Jht9Xnj 78
Maester Alliance Other https://discord.gg/j36SsDQ 76
Order of St Marcus Other https://discord.gg/KJdBaGa 60
Olympics Other https://discord.gg/qKcfcsB Very active discussion when Olympics in progress 173
MTAPD Other https://discord.gg/p65mZV2 8
Perfect Civ Club Other https://discord.gg/scMetx8 Dead(7)
RAILS Other https://discord.gg/98EpMe8 1
RAM -- Minecraft Botting Other https://discord.gg/7YwmjD3 75
Serveis d'Infraestructura i Trànsit Other [removed dead link]
Sovian Moral Council Other https://discord.gg/2NyWcXQ Dead(7)
Devoted Tangentially related https://discord.gg/A53bkGa 562
MacroMod Tangentially related https://discord.gg/8sanTCd 177