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In Civcraft times, there was a central Mumble server that was used for most of the international communication. Nowadays each nation has their own Discord server. This page attempts to connect all people of CivClassic together again.

What do Verdicts mean

Discords are ranked from Highly worth joining to Not worth joining. These verdicts try to assess discords only in a narrow sense : whether there are active civ related discussions that a majority of new players would be interested in. Thus a discord can be Not worth joining in this narrow sense yet still have active (albeit mostly unrelated to civ), meaningful discussion.

Civ Discords Sortable Table
Name Discord Link Notes Members
CivClassics Official Discord Official https://discord.gg/9Mhx6WU Civ verdict : Highly worth joining

To gain access to channels in this discord one must link their discord account and Minecraft account. This is done by running the command /discordauth on the CivClassic Minecraft server and PMing the command output to the bot Kira#1415 on the CivClassic Official Discord. (If the above is not working, please DM a discord moderator.)

The channel #community-support is perhaps the best first stop to get any questions answered. The channel #feedback is the most discord channel for server discussion. #general is active yet chaotic and easily sidetracked. Beyond these core three channels, there is periodic activity in channels such as and #builds and #trade.
Devoted Tangentially related https://discord.gg/A53bkGa Civ verdict : Not worth joining

Occasional (less than monthly) discussions on past civ iterations or civ balance.
CivClassics Official Discord [DEPRECATED] Official https://discord.gg/t3cjWTg Civ verdict : Not worth joining

Does not contain any open channels. Use the new Civclassics Offical Discord instead.
CivCrafterExchange Other https://discord.gg/6EcsnKA Civ verdict : Somewhat worth joining

Use Civclassics official discord channel #trade instead for the most part as it is more active and will get more responses. However there is a relevant trade message in CivCrafterExchange once or twice a week. Additionally if you are interested in this servers bot features such the auctions or currency, it may be worth joining.
The Commonwealth Nation https://discord.gg/PSvZe7J For general help, or getting started in one of the oldest and most historied countries on the server, this is the place to start. The Commonwealth itself is one of the largest rail hubs on the server and the country has been voted twice over the friendliest.

You will have to be given Visitor by a discord admin on this server.

Mount Augusta Nation https://discord.gg/b9QBpfB The most essential global discord; Can be high in drama and easily sidetracked but perhaps the most active and diverse of all civ discords.19/08/20 310
Icenia Nation https://discord.gg/jnH58BP Icenia is one of the closest nations to the center of the map, and its citizens are active and willing to help anybody who's new starting out. 266
Bloom Nation https://discord.gg/CncFK28 234
Varkonia Nation https://discord.gg/4B2P5Ma 206
Olympics Other https://discord.gg/qKcfcsB Very active discussion only when Olympics in progress 193
Impasse Nation https://discord.gg/69kGW7D 144
Coventhia Nation https://discord.gg/YUDVbzt 135
CivWiki & CivBall Other https://discord.gg/R9pPcHR 19/08/20 130
United Northern Congress Alliance https://discord.gg/6NffGWC 129
BOX Talk Other https://discord.gg/DF8Y5qE 129
Advanced Macros Other https://discord.gg/ga9Npym 124
Caledonia Other https://discord.gg/wVRFZK9 121
Nyasaland Nation https://discord.gg/SAph8dF 119
ClassicRail Other https://discord.gg/ymJAwaQ Often inactive;however contains many useful resources and discussion for navigating around the map 118
CivClassic Content Creator's Club Other https://discord.gg/9MsMmBx Inactive periods; can contain interesting meta discussion 114
Civcrafters Other https://discord.gg/7Re2wQx 113
Iria Nation https://discord.gg/BVjuTwb 109
Southshire Nation https://discord.gg/kxAaBkf 105
Columbia Nation https://discord.gg/9s2xqb2 102
Imperial Truidence Nation https://discord.gg/JPTpq9q 100
Adina Nation https://discord.gg/xePBESs 97
CivTCG Other https://discord.gg/BREVwuK 97
Vinland Nation https://discord.gg/ZCS36Bt 95
SPQR Nation https://discordapp.com/invite/v63n6eR 95
Gabon Nation https://discord.gg/QJUdbdQ 87
Lusitania Nation https://discord.gg/wKPVCB9 86
Atlantis Nation https://discord.gg/nSxSkWe 78
RAM -- Minecraft Botting Other https://discord.gg/7YwmjD3 78
Okashima Nation https://discord.gg/KCs6mPg 77
Brennau Nation https://discord.gg/ufzBaw7 76
New Sovia Nation https://discord.gg/YDrdBT5 72
Albion Nation https://discord.gg/7HDRKTP 67
EstraPvP Other https://discord.gg/Jht9Xnj 65
Jefferson Nation https://discord.gg/J7WCuTb 64
Kaltsburg Nation https://discord.gg/fhSGZUX 63
Order of the White Lotus Alliance https://discord.gg/mksj5SX 63
Latvian Soccer Dogs Other https://discord.gg/q2RDdFF 62
Sojourn Other https://discord.gg/rRAXNaj 62
Tel Aviv Nation https://discord.gg/3vFJcFA 60
Nro'meagh Steppes Nation https://discord.gg/t5DkHur 53
Tvtopia Nation https://discord.gg/qweAtkk 52
Mt. Augusta (Old) Nation https://discord.gg/AQEvJVR 52
CivMumble Other https://discord.gg/wcbfaGN Channels locked; superseded by new Civclassic Official Discord 19/08/20 50
Endaria Nation https://discord.gg/jscsss6 47
Nymph Nation https://discord.gg/Aev8nYz 46
Verda Nation https://discord.gg/apmGK8M 41
Bank of Rokko Other https://discord.gg/rMAySqV 41
Auroran Republic Nation https://discord.gg/nQhzpRx 41
CivClassics Book Tracking Club Other https://discord.gg/TSUCbmj 40
NCA Nation https://discord.gg/nZ32gxE 38
Odresh Nation https://discord.gg/r9K4d8g 38
IMAAS Other https://discord.gg/rG7nv9c 36
Ancapistan Nation https://discord.gg/6nr6cZS 35
Kaiserreich Nation https://discord.gg/9XZ2bAQ 32
Tabs Conglomerate Nation https://discord.gg/VCR9V3R 28
Civ Mappers Guild Nation https://discord.gg/a9eUrSS 27
Kabul Nation https://discord.gg/Yb7Yu3q 26
Achroma Nation https://discord.gg/mw6jEKz 23
Celestial Projects Other https://discord.gg/aMGunxX 22
Airhaven Nation https://discord.gg/npjVTR9 21
Sovia Nation https://discord.gg/hcdG5Je 19
Carpathia Nation https://discord.gg/25PmpQ5 19
CCMap & MoreChunks Other https://discord.gg/aFgnFTz 19
Nation Of Eclipse Nation https://discord.gg/a4bzzEA 16
Resimere Nation https://discord.gg/9cGQqeg 15
Heavenly Concord Alliance https://discord.gg/ARNpCyx 15
Godo Gang Other https://discord.gg/nbfkZpp 14
Rowa Nation https://discord.gg/QkS87er 14
AHI Other https://discord.gg/gc3Rb3M 13
Sovia-Verda Oligarchy Nation https://discord.gg/h2fgwv9 11
North East Alliance Alliance https://discord.gg/5x6WTwR 10
civ copypasta institute Other https://discord.gg/XRr3Zuy 8
Mount Augusta (meme discord) Nation https://discord.gg/fdHk6QC 9
Cult of Trevie Other https://discordapp.com/invite/HMvqFrC Inactive 9
Varsany Nation https://discord.gg/WEvWkVS 8
Meistar Nation https://discord.gg/Gwj8fbX 7
International Coalition of Columbian Peoples Other https://discord.gg/MGJdWn9 6
Arkhangel Nation https://discord.gg/QzE4Wzw 5
Sovian Moral Council Other https://discord.gg/2NyWcXQ 5
Republic of Asiro Inactive https://discord.gg/MdA5tgA 4
Club Penguin Other https://discord.gg/TABvkZ3 4
Federation of Rhodesia Nation https://discord.gg/Uenqsfw 2

Note : If you do not wish for your discord to be included use Talk:Discord Servers (Alternatively, change invite perms and revoke old invites)