Free Republik of Unitas

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Free Republik of Unitas
Official Flag of the Free Republic of Unitas
Capital City Ravengrad
Abbreviation FRU
Government One-Party Dictatorship
Chancellor FalscherRVN
State Party Unitas Nazbol Party (UNP)
Founded 22 August 2018
Demonym Free Comrade of the Free Republik of Unitas
Location 7350,10400
Anthem "Polyushka Polye"

The Free Republic of Unitas is a small, developing nation in the +,+. [1]


Council of the Republik

The Council of the Republik has been is soley appointed by the People's Imperial Chancellor and subject to change at any point in time.

Post Name Party
People's Imperial Chancellor FalscherRVN UNP Colour.png UNP
Minister of Truth FalscherRVN UNP Colour.png UNP
Chief Praxis Practitioner squareblob UNP Colour.png UNP
Keeper of the Memes squareblob UNP Colour.png UNP
Servant in the Place of Truth squareblob UNP Colour.png UNP
Celestial Master of Wonder and Mystery tvman999 none
Senior Minister of Marriage, Gender Equality, and History Xavter none
Minister of the Palace antifapresident none
Chief Inquisitor antifapresident none
Princex Quinn of Unitas antifapresident none

The First CoR of Unitas, 2018, colorized

(from Left to Right: Squareblob, Xavter, TVman, Raven)

Purged Council Officials

These previous members of the government have been purged from the Free Republik of Unitas to ensure the safety of the nation.

Post Name Party
Excellent Minister of Cultural and Ideological Development stardarkness UNP Colour.png UNP
Secretary of the Underground and Head of the Bureau of Moleman Affairs Troozi JPU (dissolved)
Minister of Industrial Expansion, International Trade, and Collectivized Agriculture HamAndSwiss UNP Colour.png UNP
Grand Duchess of 7345 10425 HamAndSwiss UNP Colour.png UNP

Politicial Parties

Unitas Nazbol Party



On the 22 August 2018 FalscherRVN decided to found a side project besides their activities in Maltovia and to revive the Legacy of the Unitas Commune, this time as an independent entity. An island near the ++ worldborder was found after a while of searching and boating. On that day the Free Republik has been formed, and FalscherRVN, with the newly founded UNP, has been democratically voted into the office of the People's Imperial Chancellor with an astonishing 100% of support and 100% of voter participation.

Unitas Cultural Preservation Programme

On the 21st September the Free Republik of Unitas launched the UCCP to include the Protectorate of France in its claims.[2]