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Aerial view of Frostrock Valley, Coventhia (April, 2018)

A group of Aquila players from the server Devoted decided to start a new nation on CivClassics. MrLlamma originally scouted out Impasse territory since a lot of old Civcraft 3.0 Aquila players were settling there. After traveling east, a player named RektTangle was spotted in the small town of Lotus at the top of a mountain. The valley below was a perfect spot to start a new town and a few initial wood houses were built for temporary shelter. Now that a location was secure, all the was needed was a name for the new nation. Naming the nation Aquila was dismissed immediately since the government structure was different in this iteration. The name Corvus was also thrown out after discussion. Eventually, GreatLordOz suggested naming the town after the roman goddess of wells and springs, Coventina. After a few adjustments to the name to make it roll off the tongue better, Coventhia was born! Coventhia was the officially formed on June 12th, 2017 by MrLlamma, sgtshannon, GreatLordOz, Nyxworld & IcyPigChicken.

(This is a work in progress. Just wanted something here)