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The Republic of Icenia
Flag of Icenia
Flag of Icenia
Government and politics
Government Semi-Democratic Republic
• President
• Minister of the Interior
Ministers Elected by Citizens
and largest city
WMA button2b.svg -1650, -1433

Icenia, or the Republic of Icenia, is a Semi-Democratic nation located in the -,- quadrant of the map led by ChrisChrispie, and well know for its storied past in the closing months of Civcraft 2.0.

Early History

Icenia's history traces back to its roots in Civcraft 2.0 as an outpost of Kaiserinreich. At the time of Icenia's initial founding as a colony, Kaiserinreich was involved in a conflict with SPQR and Volterra over sought after land needed for the production of EXP. The colony was established on the remote edges of the Kaiserinreich-Volterra boarder in an effort to create more legitimacy on the land as being rightfully Kaiserins, and to serve as a base for a potential invasion of Volterra through the North. Icenia however grew very quickly independent of Kaiserinreich itself, and soon the majority of the players within Kaiserineich lived in Icenia. Due to the distance between Kaiserin City and Icenia City, and the lack of a strong ruler in Kaiserineich, many Icenians began to reject Kaiserin rule, and on July 8th, 2015, declared independence from Kaiserinreich and joined the Grand Northern Alliance. After this, Icenia experienced a massive population boom of which it could not handle, and eventually suffered from its overall lack of infrastructure leading to its eventual annexation by Volterra.

Refounding on Civclassics