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The Icenian Revolutionary Front (IRF) is a small anarcho-socialist political party located in Icenia, founded in August 2019. The organization has specifically stated that they are not a violet war-mongering group, and wishes to transfer Icenia to a stateless, classless society only through peaceful means. The organization has not yet participated in elections, but plans to in the near future.


The IRF can be most accurately described as an anarcho-socialist organization. The group plans to take power through elections, then transfer the nation to a Marxist-style “utopia”. The IRF, knowing that the transfer will be a long process, has plans to implement policy in the the current system, such as making the President an elected office, giving away free lots of land, expanded basic income, a central banking system, greater autonomy for individual regions (such as the Antioch Isles), and a standing army/navy.

The flag of the IRF, created by user ComradePolka


(Under construction)


The Icenian Revolutionary Front is organized into 3 distinct branches.

Icenian Peoples’ Militia

The Icenian Peoples’ Militia is the paramilitary wing of the IRF, currently comprising of 2 brigades, each with less than 5 members. The locations of these brigades are unknown.

Strategic Services Command

The Strategic Services Command is the political and propaganda machine of the IRF. The SSC manages candidates, membership, censorship and propaganda usage. The SSC is headed by user 7nquisitor, and operates out of Icenia and various location in Mt. Augusta and the SPQR.

Grand Committee of Icenian Liberation

The Grand Committee is the main organ of the IRF, directing and organizing the group. The Grand Committee has no meeting place or headquarters, as know. Not much information has been yet collected on the Committee. Its current chairman is ComradePolka.[1]

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