Imperial Truidence

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Imperial Truidence
The flag of Imperial Truidence
Capital City Anburon
Government Absolute Monarchy/Parliamentary Democracy
Emperor XxxBezxxX
Founded April of 2019
Population 19
Location -1077, -531[1]

Imperial Truidence (Truidence or IT for short) is a nation in the -,- region. The government of Imperial Truidence is a mixture of an absolutist monarchy and a representative democracy.

Political System

The Truidencian political system is charecterised by its use of both authoritarianism, in service of efficiency, and democracy, in service of the common good. Two entities have legislative power: the Parliament of Imperial Truidence and the Emperor. The Parliament may be overruled by the Emperor.

Originaly, the Parliament and the Emperor could overrule eachother, with the Parliament gaining a final say if they reached a consensus of 80% of the votes within the Parliament. The idea was that in most cases, the permanent leader would be better suited to decide in precaurious matters than senators whos position of power would rely upon public opinion. But, if 80% of the population, through their representatives, were to agree on an action to take, it would most likely be the right one.

This system was changed to the current one however, for two chief reasons:

1. The uncertainty of who would get the final say discourged both parties from proposing changes, policies etc.

2. The Parliament was inactive for long periods of time, leaving a bigger workload for the Emperor and his representatives.

As such the system took the form described in the first paragraph; with the addition of ministerial positions.

These positions are Chancellor(currently Smarties), Field Marshal(currently ObtainableSpatula) and Chief Diplomat(currently ObtainableSpatula).

There are also three judges. One is chosen by the Emperor, one is chosen by the the Commons and one is chosen by election.


Founding and Early Days

Imperial Truidence was founded on 1st of April 2019 on the ruins of Concord. The city was promptly renamed to Anburon and became the nation's capital.

On the 28th 2019 of April Emperor XxxBezxxX declared the temporary suspension of the Commons; set to last until the 31st of May. This was done because of the tradition of Russetid and coming exams.

Both me and the senators believe this is the best course of action, seeing that we now have a period of limited time we can devote to the server and building our nation is currently more pressing than maintaining democracy. - XxxBezxxX

On the 28 of May Emperor XxxBezxxX announced that democracy was to be reinstated and on the 30th of May the Commons was reinstated after a general election.

The Period of Shifting Alliances

Imperial Truidence joined the UNC on the 1st of July. The nation's presence was short however, and did not amount to much. Imperial Truidence left the UNC as a consequence of instability in the alliance, but particularily because of Bloom's and Gensokyo's withdrawal from the UNC. The Truidencian senate agreed on that it no longer was in the best interest of Imperial Truidence to be in the UNC, as theere no longer were any allies nearby. The UNC fell apart the following day, as Iria, Kaltsburg, SPQR, Nevrast, and Corcus Corp. all left the alliance. Tvtopia is the only remaining nation, electing to keep the UNC as a museum.

To deal with this new crises, Emperor Bez called a meeting with the senators of Imperial Truidence. At this meeting, Bez, ObtainableSpatula, Smarties_313 and Dr_Despacito decided the general course the nation was going to take. Bez also revealed that he was planning on retiring soon due to his work schedule.

Emperor Bez declared his abdication from the throne of Imperial Truidence and all her territories on the 13th of July, though there was room for reinstatement if or when his work schedule would allow it. He named ObtainableSpatula as his successor. Bez kept his titles in his self-appointed exile, though the actual position of head of state was transferred to ObtainableSpat who gained the title Prime Chancellor. He served as a de facto Emperor for the remainder of the period.

The Imperial Truidence constitution was also changed as decided by the earlier meeting, with Emperor Bez writing the proposal and the senators voting it in. The most major change was the establishment of a minister system, consisting of the roles of the Chancellor (minister of the interior), Field Marshall (defense minister), and the Chief Diplomat (minister of foreign relations). These positions were given to Smarties_313, ObtainableSpatula, and ObtainableSpatula respectively.

Imperial Truidence's period of standing alone ended two days after the Emperor's abdication, with Prime Chancellor ObtainableSpatula signing the Treaty of Salisbury, a pact of friendship and assistance with Varkonia, a previous UNC member.

A few days later, on the 18th, the Prime Chancellor signed and co-wrote the charter of a brand new alliance, the United Defensive Front, UDF for short. This new alliance consisted of Imperial Truidence, Icenia, and previous UNC ally Bloom.

The borders of Imperial Truidence were also heavily expanded upon by the Prime Chancellor.

During the last days of the period a divide took form within the state of Imperial Truidence. ObtainableSpatula, being the head of state, wanted to enact an extensive architectural reform, requiring many citizens to alter the design of their properties. The Chancellor, Smarties_313 opposed the reform, citing the the reform's transgression on the personal freedom of Truidence citizens.

With Smarties_313 lack of cooperation, ObtainableSpatula took on the task himself, effectively juggling the roles of Prime Chancellor, Field Marshal, Chief Diplomat and now Chancellor. This caught the attention of Bez, who reached out to ObtainableSpatula, marking the end of the period.

Imperial Restoration

On August 13th, exactly a month after his abdication, Emperor Bez reassumed his position as head of state. In his announcement he made it known that he would serve in a more limited capacity due to his work schedule not having changed. The ministers were to conduct day to day operations, with Bez solving disputes between them and overruling poor decision making.

His first action was to call a meeting with the ministers. At this meeting the state of Imperial Truidence was reunified with common agreement on the issue of architectural reform. (To be announced)

Banishment of Yellofishy

Yellofishy was a very active member and citizen of Imperial Truidence. After joining the nation in June, he quickly became known for his quirky and eccentric behavior, and his eagerness to contribute to the nation. Though his eagerness made him take on many projects, his enthusiasm was often short lived and he would then pick another project, which would also peter out. His most successful endeavor was a recruitment campaign which saw a high increase in Imperial Truidence membership.

Through his time in Imperial Truidence he held the positions of diplomat to the UNC and as a judge. He was the sitting judge of the trial of _Sleven, who had raided Imperial Truidence multiple times. Yellofishy was eventually removed from the position after acquiring an alt-account and being sentenced for alt-raiding.

His tenure as a diplomat was also short lived due to the collapse of the UNC soon after Imperial Truidence joined it. As a diplomat he was known to post irrelevant messages and comments in various chats and received several warnings from the state of Imperial Truidence.

It was during this time that Yellofishy became a well known figure outside of Imperial Truidence. His often wacky and entertaining behavior made him the subject of the subreddit r/bestofyello(inacitve).

On the 26 of August 2019, he admitted he broke into the Imperial Truidence private factory room with the famous message "@Obtainable Spatula btich i broke in the factories". It was also during this event that he continually pinged Obtainable Spatula despite being told several times not to do so. This was considered harassment during the subsequent trial of Yellofishy, though it was considered settled out of court due to an agreement between Obtainable and Yello that Yello would get payed less for a task he was given.

During the same trial Yellofishy was found guilty of breaking into the factory room. He was therefore banished from the empire by presiding judge Bez, citing his belief that previous transgressions and Yello's general behavior indicated that he would not learn from his mistakes.

This sparked an outrage among many friends and fans of Yellofishy, culminating in a period of 3 days(03.09.2019 to 05.09.2019) where 14 of the 24 (60%) posts posted that were about him, his departure and general memery.


Hinga dinga durgen.

"This is such a nice farming area"


-An Icenian complimenting Anburon's farm, with the core Truidencian Masterfork replying in flawless etiquette.

Faen, få se ditt reinsdyr! - eatt123