Imperial Truidence

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Imperial Truidence
The flag of Imperial Truidence
Capital City Anburon
Government Absolute Monarchy/Parliamentary Democracy
Emperor XxxBezxxX
Founded April of 2019
Population 19
Location -1077, -531[1]

Imperial Truidence (Truidence or IT for short) is a nation in the -,- region. The government of Imperial Truidence is a mixture of an absolutist monarchy and a representative democracy.

Political System

The Truidencian political system is defined by its use of both authoritarianism, in service of efficiency, and democracy, in service of the common good. The Emperor of Imperial Truidence has complete executive power, but can be overruled by a 80% majority in the national parliament (known as The Commons). Similarly, the parliament can enact laws and elect executive officials, but can be overruled by the Emperor as long as there is less than 80% consensus for the given matter.

There are also three judges. One is chosen by the Emperor, on is chosen by the the Commons and one is chosen by election.

After Bez abdicated, three minister positions were created, to lessen the burden on the head of state's shoulders. these are elected by the senate, but have to be approved by the Emperor or PC. The positions are for life.


Imperial Truidence was founded on 1st of April 2019 on the ruins of Concord. The city was promptly renamed to Anburon and became the nation's capital.

On the 28th 2019 of April Emperor XxxBezxxX declared the temporary suspension of the Commons; set to last until the 31st of May. This was done because of the tradition of Russetid and coming exams.

Both me and the senators believe this is the best course of action, seeing that we now have a period of limited time we can devote to the server and building our nation is currently more pressing than maintaining democracy. - XxxBezxxX

On the 28 of May Emperor XxxBezxxX announced that democracy was to be reinstated and on the 30th of May the Commons was reinstated after a general election.

Imperial Truidence joined the UNC on the 1st of July. The nation's presence was short however, and did not amount to much. Imperial Truidence left the UNC as a consequence of instability in the alliance, but particularily because of Bloom's and Gensokyo's withdrawal from the UNC. The Truidencian senate agreed on that it no longer was in the best interest of Imperial Truidence to be in the UNC, as theere no longer were any allies nearby. The UNC fell apart the following day, as Iria, Kaltsburg, SPQR, Nevrast, and Corcus Corp. all left the alliance. Tvtopia is the only remaining nation, electing to keep the UNC as a museum.

Emperor Bez I declared his abdication from the throne of Imperial Truidence and all her territories on the 13th of July, though there was room for reinstatement if or when his work schedule's emptier. He named ObtainableSpatula his predecessor. Bez keeps his Titles in his self-appointed exile, though the actual position of head of state belongs to ObtainableSpat, for the time being. The latter's title is Prime Chancellor. He serves as a de facto emperor until further notice. To decrease the amount of duties of the head of state, the senate created a state ministry, consisting of the Chancellor (minister of the interior), Field Marshall (defence minister), and the Chief Diplomat (minister of foreign relations). These positions were chosen by Smarties_313, ObtainableSpatula, and ObtainableSpatula respectively.

Imperial Truidence's period of standing alone ended two days after the emperor's abdication, with Prime Chancellor ObtainableSpatula signing the Treaty of Salisbury, a pact of friendship and assistance with Varkonia, a previous UNC member.

A few days later, on the 18th, the Prime Chancellor signed- and co-wrote the charter of a brand new alliance, the United Defensive Front, UDF for short. This new alliance consists of Imperial Truidence itself, Icenia, and previous UNC ally Bloom.

As of this being written, Imperial Truidence's area has almost been doubled under its new leader. More territorial expansions are planned, but have not been realised yet.


Hinga dinga durgen.

"This is such a nice farming area"


-An Icenian complimenting Anburon's farm, with the core Truidencian Masterfork replying in flawless etiquette.

Faen, få se ditt reinsdyr! - eatt123

Imperial Truidence is also home to Yellofishy, a newfriend who is the subject of the subreddit bestofyello