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The Principality of Kaltsburg
Flag kaltsburg new.png
Royal flag of Kaltsburg
Kaltsburg coa.png
Royal Coat of Arms
Capital Kaltstadt
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Prinz deyan
Founded 18 August 2018
Re-established 5 December 2018
Demonym Kaltsburger
Population ~4
Preceeded by Kaltstadt.png Kingdom of Kaltsburg
-5650 -1300

The Principality of Kaltsburg is a small principality located on the Kaltsburg peninsula at -5600, -1300. This is the third Kaltsburgisch country to exist (preceded by the First Principality and the Kingdom). The government is lead by the Prince (Prinz) deyan and situated in the now renovated Kaltstadt.


Establishment and First Principality

The First Principality of Kaltstadt.png Kaltsburg was established on the 18th of August, 2018 by deyan. Later joined by nokiababy the two spent a couple of days establishing the country's borders by placing flags, signs and building essential structures in the peninsula. A few days after they were joined by HobbelJesse and TeqhZem. The few spent 3 days removing the Mt. Hafen in the southern part of the peninsula to create space for a port town (Hafenstadt). After establishing contact with the Roman Emperor, Kaltsburg was officially protected militarily by them by treaty. The Romans came to Hafenstadt and built the many factories the town used to have. The Principality was flourishing with big expansions of wheat production, recruitment of new members, construction was booming and the political structure was getting in shape. The Royalist Party Kaltsburg Party PurpleColor.png and the Freedom Party Kaltsburg Party BlueColor.png were established and running for the first elections on the 31st of August. By the Prince's decree, a colony (Neue-Kaltsburg) was established a couple of seas from the mainland with the first settlement Niederburg. Infrastructure (by road and rail) now had connected the entire peninsula. Architecture was very plain and loosely based on 16th century European architecture.

The town square of Hafenstadt

Fall of the First State

During nighttime in Europe (where the majority of citizens lived) a terrorist griefed and destroyed most of the country's infrastructure and essential buildings. Since all members were new and unexperienced, a lot of the buildings were not reinforced and there were no bastions present, therefore the grief was too much for the citizens to handle. By the Prince's decision, citizens gathered their most essential belongings and moved the Neue-Kaltsburg. The Protection from the SPQR was officially over following the migration.

Rise of the Kingdom

The 31st of August concluded the first elections and the Principality was officially elevated by the Prince, following a ceremony with the first Prime Minister nokiababy and the newly elected Prime Minister K_WilhelmII of the Royalist Party. Here the buildings were now twice as big since the country had way more land. The Kingdom was concentrated in Die Hauptstadt, though there was never an official government building present. New members were constantly recruited, peaking at 13 active members. Duchies and Counties such as BonnFlag.png Bonn and Niederburg flag.png Niederburg respectively were established and flourished. Bonn was the industrial powerhouse of the state as it held a lot of factories and an XP farm. Railroads, roads and canals were being constructed. It was at this point that the Kingdom joined the UNC. The domestic political system was reformed turning Parliament into the Royal Council, with appointed nobles from the King.

Decline of the Second State

Gradually, during October 2018, many of the members stopped playing one by one until almost nobody was active. The Kingdom was officially dissolved by the King in November, followed up by the annexation of Neue-Kaltsburg by the Romans following the Ravenna treaty. Long distance between settlements, little player activity overall in the region are some of the causes for this decline.

Revival and establishment of the Third State

Following the treaty of Ravenna, the Romans cleaned up the Kaltsburg peninsula, which led the two founding members deyan and nokiababy returning to rebuild the country. With a new,renovated architectural style, more experience with the server and resources from the colony, Kaltsburg's reconstruction officially began on the 5th of December 2018. While the Prince hold some properties in Neue-Kaltsburg (or East Kaltsburg), the territory is now under Roman control with old Kaltsburger citizens appointed as local governors. The Territory may legally seek independence a couple of months in the future, though with the lack of active population that is very unlikely for now.

Fürstliches Platz with the main administrative buildings

National Symbols

National symbols (flag and coat of arms of political entities, towns etc.) are decided and designed by the prince with the input of the people that live in said settlement.

Map of Kaltsburg.png


The flag is a horizontal 2-color with black on top and a yellow on the bottom. A shortened redesign of the previous flag of Black-Yellow-Red.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms consists of the Princely coat, held together by the Crown. In front of it a shield with 5 segments. The top-left being the flag of Edelburg (Royal seat in Kaltsburg), Edelschloss (Royal property in East Kaltsburg) and (an upside-down version of) the Kingdom of Forland, which fell under the jurisdiction of Kaltsburg after Forland's king dissolved it. On the top-right, the coat of arms of Bonn, the biggest Duchy in the Kingdom of Kaltsburg, largest population and largest output of produce. On the bottom-left, the coat of arms of Niederburg, the first settlement in the colony and property of one of the first members HobbelJesse. The bottom-right is the old flag of Kaltsburg. In the center a golden lion on a black shield - a symbol of Kaltsburg since its foundation.


Domestic Politics


Kaltsburg is a Constitutional Monarchy lead by the Prince (Prinz, Fürst). He appoints members of the Royal Council, who in turn can vote on passing laws, decisions etc. The Prince has the final say in most matters concerning the state and its territory. The Council is concentrated in the Princely Council Building (Fürstliches Ratsgebäude) in Kaltstadt.

Foreign Affairs

Kaltsburg is a full member of the United Northern Congress. The Principality has never declared or participated in a war and tries to be friendly with its neighbors. The Romans are considered close allies as they helped the country establish itself by sending many resources and establishing factories, as well as suggesting Kaltsburg joins the UNC. The capital is open to embassies and diplomatic matters are conducted in the Diplomatic Affairs building on the Princely Square.

On the 14th of December Kaltsburg gained joint-ownership of Tierra de Conciencia's exclave north of Kaltsburg (Nordland) in the Treaty of Kaltstadt.[1]



Trade Company

The Prince plans to establish a trade company that will build small ports all around the sea between Kaltsburg and Mt. Augusta, in which people can come and sell/buy products while the company will get a certain percent of profits from monthly sales. Discussions of starting ports on foreign soil has begun and construction will begin soon (as of 8th December). Ports will contain a couple of buildings, a dock and farms in the land around it. Architecture of the buildings is based on Kaltsburg's traditional Central European architecture as seen in the capital. Flags for each port will be designed by the Prince.


The Principality is very well connected by roads which lead to every settlement on the peninsula as well as a rail leading from Kaltstadt to Hafenstadt. A Roman-built railway connects Kaltsburg to Mount Augusta.

The country has constructed underground ocean canals to help travelers pass through the area without having to surround the country.



The Royal estate Edelschloss in Augsburg (Neue-Kaltsburg)

German is used for naming settlements, monuments, buildings, roads etc. while English is the most common language Kaltsburgers communicate with.


Architecture is based on Central and Baroque European architecture. Stone bricks, stone and stone slabs are the most common materials in buildings along with brick and cobblestone. A very typical element of Kaltsburg's Architecture is the division of floors being shown on the outside by a row of stone slabs placed next to each other, with half of them being on the top of the block they're placed in and the other on the bottom. Roofs are usually covered with terracotta (either Cyan or Light Blue).


Since its foundation, Kaltsburgers have always shared materials with themselves, often in public warehouses in each town. All factories are public as they are owned by the Crown. Citizens are free do to almost whatever they want (as long as they consult with the Prince). In the nation's history the Prince had gone into only one argument with a citizen, which was over a height of a windmill. The Argument was resolved rather quickly and there were no grudges held. During the great terrorist attack on Kaltsburg, only the windmill and the royal castle remained ungriefed, perhaps symbolizing the withstanding ability of the Crown and the common folk.