Laconia incident

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The Laconia incident also known as the third Laconia-Yoahtl war was a brief conflict between Yoahtl and Laconia culminating in the battle at Mt. Doom on the 20th of August 2018

Third Yoahtl-Laconia war
Part of the FRIENDS-SATO Cold War
DateSeptember 19th 2018 - September 20th 2018
MapIcon.png 3500,11500

Decisive Laconian victory

  • Reparations paid to Laconia and Rhodesia [1]
  • Axochitlan ceded to Laconia

Yoahtl and allies

Laconia and allies

Commanders and leaders
  • bgbba
  • meat312
  • Tofee_Dodger
  • FRESH_Candy
  • BuckyHD
  • _SteveBuscemi
  • Strength
    ~10 people
    ~6 people
    Casualties and losses
    2 pearled None