Maester Alliance

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Maester Alliance
Maester Alliance Flag.png
Flag of the Maester Alliance
Kamakon-Assembly-Hall July-2018.png
Kamakon Assembly Hall
Classification: History & preservation
Headquarters: Kamakon Assembly, Mt. Augusta
Founders: SomethingSaucy, Ttocs_Is_Awe, NateMagic
Founded: Summer of 2012
Members: 19
Sister organisation: Order of St. Marcus
Current involvements: CivClassic
Members in cities: Mount Augusta
Subreddit: /r/MaesterAlliance
Discord: Maester Alliance

The Maester Alliance is an ancient order focused on preserving the stories and texts that have been written by Minecraft players into in-game books.

Shardore Tower Library

The Alliance is currently focused on finishing and maintaining the soon-to-be-officially-opened Shardore Tower Library, located at -7292, +2800, 67 in Mt. Augusta.

The book collection of the library can be found here.


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Civcraft 2.0


Civcraft 3.0

Devoted 2.0

CivClassic 2.0