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You should use 1.12.2 to connect to the server.

These mods require Forge unless noted that they require LiteLoader.

Installing Forge and LiteLoader

If you find this step difficult or run into issues, take a look at the MultiMC Launcher which easily installs Forge and LiteLoader with the push of a button.

  • make a 1.12.2 vanilla profile and run it once
  • download and run the Forge installer
  • download and run the LiteLoader installer
  • download the mods you want and move them to .minecraft\mods\1.12.2\ (create if it doesn't exist)

Most common Mods

Specifically for Civ


These provide a small map in the corner of your screen, a world map that gets filled as you explore, and waypoints to remember your hidden things and other people's places.

Remember to disable cave mode!


  • 5Zig - Pvp : Shows many configurable stats, from coordinates to cps.
  • BetterHUD - Very useful for telling you durability. Make sure to turn off mob info.
  • Chat Bubbles - Kinda cute, shows bubble with chat above head.
  • CivRelay - Sends various alerts to different Discord channels: snitch alerts, group chat, player login/out
  • Gammabright - Helps with that brightness. 1.12.2 not out but slight modification you can look up necessary to make work with 1.12.2
  • Ghostwriter - For books.
  • Macromod (requires LiteLoader) - For bots. note to make modules, add custom commands see:Macros Module SDK example modules
  • Optifine (The only way to install it is by using the installer; if you want the jar file by itself, then after installing it, go to /.minecraft/libraries/optifine/[version] and the jar will be there. Stick it in your mods folder.) On low setting will significantly improve game performance
  • FoamFix, Betterfps - For performance if optifine on lowest settings is not enough. Prone to breaking, especially when stacked with other performance improving mods.
  • ReplayMod - Records what happens. Great for justifications.
  • Schematica (also needs LunatriusCore) - Allows you to capture a build and see a schematic.
  • TabbyChat2 - Manages ingame chat, gets hectic with multiple groups.
  • WorldDownloader - Self explanatory.
  • Chunky - Make massive renders [use in conjunction with worlddownloader mod]
  • Better Sprinting - Toggle sprint and sneak. Can be supplanted by other mods, macros.
  • MoreChunks - [Alpha phase] Increase terrain render distance on servers with very small default view distance.
  • Gridlines - Highlight coordinates in a grid pattern (Useful for snitch or bastion placement)
  • Angelia-core - Open source command line minecraft client with focus on botting

Online Resources


  • Hacked clients are not allowed.
  • Killaura, warp drive etc will get you banned.
  • Autofish mods are not allowed. However in-game fish farms are allowed.