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The Northern Axis Treaty Organization (NATO) is a broad international alliance for mutual defense and cooperation.

The principal member states of NATO are Columbia, Hallow, the Holy Jaded Empire, Polska and Tel Aviv.



NATO was established in the first week of the first month of 2019. Former UNATCO members, Annwyn and Appomattox were in discussions with their ally, Tel Aviv, to establish a regional alliance. During this time, Hallow and others were contemplating a new larger alliance, one much looser than FRIENDS, and they invited all 3 to the alliance discussions. At first the discussions were slow, several ideas were thrown around and a treaty established. NATO includes former FRIENDS members; Hallow, HJE (voted in later), and Columbia, former UNATCO members Annwyn and Appomattox (now defunct), and other members; Valyria, Tel Aviv, and Polska.

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