New Danzilona

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New Danzilona
New Danzilona
Flag of New Danzilona
Flag of New Danzilona
Flag of New Danzilona
Flag of the U3P (2.0)
GovernmentDirect democracy
• Foreign Representatives
peakman2 and mummybundle
• Treasurer
Foundation date19 May 2013
Succeeded byNova Danzilona
LanguageEnglish, British English

New Danzilona (abbreviated as NDZ) is a direct democracy located in Civcraft's +,+ quadrant. It was on the CIC Yellow rail line, in between the Holy Tree and Breslau stops. There were also a number of other international and regional rail lines which connect directly to the central rail station in New Danzilona.


Danzilona on 1.0

New Danzilona's story extends back to the early days of Civcraft 1.0. During that map, Danzilona was founded in the fall of 2012 by Gant2000 in an area of the map which would later be called the Quad Cities region. That area contained the towns of Danzilona, Communa, Gerald and Agraria. The city, while small in size, housed a group of bounty hunters (Beverly Hill) which quickly took up the fight against the HCF during the Great HCF War. During the war, the HCF led an attack on the Beverly Hill vault which held one of their members. During this attack, members of the HCF ruthlessly griefed parts of the city which led to its abandonment. A small number of Danzilonans slowly cleared grief in the city over the next few months with the hopes that it would lead to a return of old citizens.

New Danzilona on 2.0

The Early Days

After the map reset was announced in the Spring of 2013, a number of residents of the original city decided to join up and found New Danzilona on Civcraft 2.0.The Danzilonans - Gant2000, Peakman2, TheTrackball, Flaminginger, TeotheAwesome - were joined by DesertArrow to start New Danzilona on the first day of the new map. Other former Danzilonans - Wingnut4096, EdwardJames, Shlemmynem - founded the Danzilonan Polo-Norse Commune of the Church of Ranubis (DPNCCR) nearby, and the two settlements quickly established transportation links in the area. Also in the area was a small group of friends building a settlement led by AngryAfrican. While the proximity of the Danzilonan groups caused initial hostility, friendly relations were quickly established.[1]

The "Troubles"

In the late Fall of 2013, New Danzilona was enjoying slow but steady growth. The town had grown past its primarily agricultural roots, and new neighborhoods were starting to grow on the West and Southwest side of the city. One day, a random stranger decked out in combat gear appeared in the city and killed a prospective resident. The stranger quickly fled the area, but a bounty was issued to spur his capture. Two days later, residents of the city awoke to pillars of lava and water covering a small part of the old town. Snitch logs revealed that the culprit was the mysterious stranger, Rancuneus, who was wanted for the earlier murder. Members of the city cleaned up the damage and set out to capture Rancuneus. However, this would prove to be a game of cat and mouse as Rancuneus' European time zone allowed him to hit the city repeatedly while the majority of New Danzilona's citizens were sleeping. Prussia, Pella, and a number of other cities across the map assisted with the cleanup and hunt for Rancuneus, but the combat login timer was not yet implemented on the server, so the terrorist was able to repeatedly slip away.

After a few weeks, Rancuneus turned his attention to other cities across the map. Churchill, Quito, Catalonia, Fellowship, and a few others were attacked within a short timeframe. This elevated the hunt for Rancuneus to a new level, and even more fighters across the map were on his trail. Around the same time, members of New Danzilona became suspicious that Rancuneus was actually an alt of a player living in the city at the time, Goldmap, given their similar login times, familiarity with the city, and ability to avoid tripping snitches in the city. A post on Reddit later confirmed this suspicion as Rancuneus mistakenly posted a comment from his Goldmap account.

Following his attacks across the server, Rancuneus once again focused his attention on New Danzilona. In one particularly harsh attack, half of the city was covered in lava while nearly a double chest of reinforced blocks were placed along roads and entryways. Rancuneus offered to stop the attacks if prominent members of the city left in exile. This was promptly rejected. His last major attack took place on Christmas day, where he once again covered much of the city in lava. However, he would make a mistake of breaking into a hidden vault. The placement of this vault led the mods of the server to conclude that he had been using x-ray (and some other illegal mods), and he was banned.

While a trying time for the city, it solidified the attitude within that New Danzilona was filled with resilient players. It took a few weeks for things to be cleaned up and rebuilt, but the following few months would see a boom in growth and development.

In December 2013, NDZ joined with a number of other towns in the +,+ to form the United Provinces of the Plus Plus to increase defense an economic ties among smaller towns in the quadrant.

Early 2014

In March, the NDZHL was created by RoarkLeSkif.[2]

Spring 2014

In early April, the recently formed Danzilonan Security Force attemped to pearl notorious raider phacad3 when he entered NDZ territory.[3] They were unsuccessful, and they actually received some backlash for it because phacad3 was still on good terms with some cities. A week later, some of those who criticized the DSF would be fighting alongside them in one of the biggest battles of the Recharge War, which took place in NDZ.

Later on in April and in May, NDZ saw a large influx of new residents. One of those residents, Weishaar, created the Danzmarket in early May. The Danzmarket was a piece of private property run by Weishaar that contained an abundance of regulated shops. At one point, the Danzmarket was the third most active market in Civcraft. You can read more about the Danzmarket further down on this page.

On May 27th, Operation Green-Metro was proposed.[4] It quickly became one of the most controversial proposals in NDZ history, as it threatened to end the agrarian culture of the city. After some revisions, the proposal passed, but barely.[5]

Summer 2014

Like the rest of Civcraft, NDZ saw a period of relative peace in the early summer of 2014. June saw more growth in population and shops in the Danzmarket, as well as the rise of leisure activities, such as reading, puffing,[6] and singing songs.[7] This peace would be temporarily interrupted at the end of June when a fight broke out between Danzilonans and visiting Grundeswegians, resulting in the first and only use of the official Danzilonan Court.[8]

At the beginning of July, conflict arose between Weishaar and the rest of NDZ. petlahk of ErosVaros built a horse shop outside of the Danzmarket since building it inside was prohibited by Weishaar's niche rule. For this, he was harassed. Upset by the enforcement of niches, absentee shop owners, and lack of competition, Danzilonan citizens gave their plea to Weish, who then, under the pressure, resigned as Lorax of the Danzmarket, giving the position to gabeknight. Mid-July saw the return of leisure activities, like building islands,[9] playing hockey,[10] and singing more songs.[11] This peace ended when, at the very end of July, the DZF town of Aegina was griefed by three well-known citizens of Vale (currently and more commonly known as Nexus). You can read more about that conflict through Aeginan Independence.

August was the beginning of an extremely turbulent next few months. In early August, Danzilonans went wild over debating about the implimentation of a federal government and how it would be structured. After almost a full month of debating, the structure of the federal government was finally decided upon on August 25th.[12] Mid-August saw heightened tensions between Aegina leader it_needs_bees and the rest of the DZF after he pearled petlahk.[13] More about that here. At the end of August, voting began for the new federal government positions,[14] which would take effect on September 1st. The end of August also saw the beginning of a decline in activity in NDZ, either because of school or because players simply lost interest.

September 2014 was perhaps the most devastating month in Danzilonan history. This devastation was primarily caused by the Yurtstead War and the effects it had on the Danzilonan populace. Many of the core members of NDZ supported the war while the rest of NDZ was against it. NDZ was so divided that many of those for the war planned to leave NDZ to start their own city. Fearing that this would cause NDZ itself to completely die, many prominent anti-war citizens of NDZ left the city, hoping that the pro-war members would stay and hold NDZ together.[15] While this mostly worked, as the pro-war members are still active today while the anti-war members have mostly gone inactive or rejoined NDZ, this exodus solidified the massive slump in activity in NDZ. The federal government fell apart, and power was given to a small emergency council.[16] Afterwards, more craziness ensued when it_needs_bees attacked Eros Varos with a ghast and was consequently banned from DZF territory and bountied.[17]

Fall 2014

As time went on, the political and social situation of NDZ calmed down and stabilized. The emergency council was dissolved, and peace returned to NDZ.[18] On October 14th, Bees was pearled, leaving NDZ relatively safe from any known imminent attacks.

November was marked by the beginning of many grand building projects, like the city hall.[19] November also saw the return of some activity that was lost in September, as one of the anti-war citizens came back along with a few previously inactive citizens.[20]

Fall in the DZF also saw the massive growth of the city of Aegina. After Bees was ousted, leadership of the city was given to Sourdust2. Sourdust revitalized the city with more building projects and many recruitment posts. Under Sourdust, Aegina was more active than it ever was before. Sadly, this activity was short-lived. When Sourdust went inactive, so did Aegina.

Early 2015

On January 1st, with the exceptions of Aegina and Trackistan, all federal DZF cities were made territories of NDZ.[21] Early January also saw a conflict with Screenname, leader of Gensokyo and New Detroit, which bordered the NDZ territory of Riverford. Screenname claimed that she made a deal with Gant (the former leader of Riverford) that if Riverford was not fully developed and active by January 1st, it would become a part of Gensokyo. After trying to forcibly take over Riverford, Screenname was pearled. No proof of such a deal arised, so Screenname's claim was deemed illegitimate. She was later freed, and Riverford remained under NDZ control.

In February, a former citizen of Aegina, Inscourge, became active again and attempted to become leader of the city. Inscourge was previously kicked out of Aegina by Sourdust for rude comments and harassing other citizens. Since he did not go through the legal procedure of becoming a citizen of Aegina, let alone the leader of it, Inscourge was put aside. However, he soon became a thorn in NDZ's side when he threatened to take over Aegina by force, threatened to grief NDZ, harassed Danzilonans, and repeatedly came to Aegina despite being banned from DZF territory.

After many weeks of empty threats, Inscourge was pearled and alt-banned on March 27th in a carefully orchestrated operation by the DSF.[22] Currently, Inscourge is presumed to be permanently banned from Civcraft for playing on a VPN multiple times and abusing modmail.

On March 20th, Aegina and Trackistan were made territories of NDZ, effectively leaving NDZ as the only federal city left in the DZF.[23]

Spring 2015

After Inscourge was pearled, NDZ has yet to see another large domestic conflict or be significantly affected by an international conflict, resulting in another long period of relative peace. Throughout April and May, NDZ sold or gave most of the land in West Riverford to Gensokyo in exchange for land in the nearby desert. Speaking of Riverford, spring saw the return of some activity in the city, as a tunnel from NDZ to Riverford was dug, construction of the Riverford Bridge commenced,[24] and more plans to renovate the city were made.

Summer 2015

Taking advantage of the peace and the desire to revitalize the federation, NDZ citizens Lowtuff and Des23 created Project Phoenix, which consisted of a series of projects that focused on bringing life back into the territories of NDZ and making them look pretty, usually through fixing grief, constructing new builds, and installing more security.[25] By the end of the summer, five Project Phoenix phases had taken place.[26] It was then put on hiatus when Des took a break from Civcraft. Des came back almost a month later, but when he was pearled just a few weeks after returning,[27] Project Phoenix remained on hiatus.

The end of the summer saw the expansion of the Danzilonan Central Station, which quickly became one of NDZ's most famous landmarks.[28]

Fall 2015

On November 13th, Des and other Danzilonans, like TheTrackball and JPEGz, were unpearled.[29] While they were pearled, both the central station and the city hall were completed, making for a pretty nice looking fountain area.[30]

NDZ also enjoyed some festivities on Halloween.[31]

In late November, NDZ held its first in-game town hall meeting, putting a huge emphasis on the direct democracy and citizen input that NDZ has always valued but usually only displayed on their subreddit.[32]

In December, NDZ entered a bit of a sleepy state, especially around the holidays when people were busy in real life. Some remaining active players spent time in other cities. However, thanks primarily to peakman2, mummybundles, and blockhead1110, there was still some activity in the city, and a few projects were carried out.

Early 2016

On January 10th, Civcraft 3.0 was announced, and activity in the city picked up again because of the excitement. Previously inactive citizens, like axwin, Gant2000, and White_n_Pasty planned to return to the city. Plans for the next iteration of NDZ and how it will fit into the new U3P were thoroughly discussed.


Currently, how the government of NDZ functions is a bit fuzzy. NDZ is a part of a country called the Danzilonan Federation (DZF), which is technically supposed to have a federal government (and it did for two weeks), but when half of the government officials left NDZ following the Yurtstead War, the federal government collapsed and never reformed again.

Before the federal government, cities in the DZF were mostly autonomous except that they were represented by two foreign representatives that were elected by voters from every city. This practice is still in use; however, in March 2015, NDZ annexed all other DZF cities, making NDZ the only DZF city to represent.

Most if not all of the residents of NDZ get along pretty well, so with the exception of foreign representatives, having a bureaucracy to make decisions for the people is pretty pointless since Danzilonans are friendly with each other and can reach compromises quite easily.

If a Danzilonan wishes to pass a law or make a decision that involves the entire city, they will still make a vote thread, and the law/decision will be either passed or denied via direct democracy.

Traditionally, NDZ has been described by its citizens as a don't-be-a-dick-ocracy. This means that most residents can do whatever they want as long as their actions aren't deemed dickish by the rest of the Danzilonans. While normal NDZ laws still apply, this does have some truth to it. As stated before, all of the current residents have a lot of trust in each other, and they won't really mess with each other or try to enforce any official laws unless someone is clearly being dickish and/or inconsiderate to the rest of the Danzilonans.


In early spring 2014, in response to a recent massive conflict with a neighboring city and consequent invasion of NDZ,[33] Danzilonans peakman2 and TheTrackball founded the Danzilonan Security Force, or DSF. The DSF acts as a private military task force that has assigned itself with the duty of protecting NDZ, the U3P, and their allies. Though the DSF is not run by NDZ and is not legally required to protect and fight for the federation, it is very much obliged to do so, as most if not all of the DSF members are Danzilonan and play a huge part in NDZ's history and politics. However, contrary to popular belief, NDZ is not accountable for the DSF's actions. The DSF has about six core members along with countless allies that have access to DSF supplies and facilities.

In the wake of the Yurtstead War, an army controlled by the DZF government was created,[34] but it was short-lived, as the federal government collapsed less than a week later.

Notable Landmarks


Hailed as one of the server's largest trade districts, Danzmarket was created on the 1st of May, 2014 by Weishaar. Danzmarket quickly grew from an independent enterprise by three local merchants into a sprawling and reputable economic hub. At its height, Danzmarket resulted in an unprecedented level of activity in New Danzilona and the Danzilonan Federation. Weishaar, who used the moniker of the Lorax of Danzmarket, originally ran the trade zone as a semi-autonomous neighbourhood within the Great New Danzilonan Metropolis complete with the Danzmarket Act, which established special administrative laws within the trade zone.

One of the market's most controversial laws was that of "Enforced Niching." With the intention of ensuring that large monopolies did not consume and otherwise overtake local, small business, Weishaar would administrate the distribution of "Niches" in Danzmarket, which were a list of items that that merchant was authorized to sell. This rule, however, resulted in the overthrow of Weishaar as Lorax.

GabeKnight took charge of Danzmarket but the trade District fell into disrepair due to a lack of corporate knowledge of Civcraft Economics combined with a strong sense of dedication to the project that Weishaar brought to the trade zone. Weishaar was asked by many in New Danzilona to return to Danzmarket as Lorax which he later did. Weishaar has since left the Danzilonan Federation and, with it, activity in Danzmarket as also slumped once again.

On September 22, 2015, the position of Lorax was terminated, effectively ending private ownership over the district.[35]

S4 Arena

This ice arena is home to the Swisston Snow Shovels hockey team in the New Danzilona metro area. Its construction in late 2014 replaced the original home of the Snow Shovels located just to the East on the island of Swisston. The arena and its team are part of the hugely successful New Danzilona Hockey League which ran for three and a half seasons (it's currently on hiatus).

Danzilonan Seawall and River Project

In the city's infancy, many residents sought to tackle the issue of New Danzilona's location on a high plateau with steep cliffs dropping to the ocean on one side and steep cliffs dropping to the river on the other. To deal with this, the Danzilonan Corp of Engineers constructed a massive seawall stretching hundreds of meters along the coastline East, South, and West of the city. The seawall provides easy access from the cliffs above to the water below, protected walkways to traverse the cliffs, and lighting to help ships avoid crashing into the rocky crags along the shore. On the West side of the city, two massive dams have been built and the river raised to the level of the city. The raised river provides easy access to the Westcliff neighborhood and ample power to the region via the turbines in the dams.

New Danzilona Central Station 

Designed by Churchill's world-renowned architect, coolyellow, and spear-headed by Danzilonan citizen mummybundles, New Danzilona's new central rail station was finished in October 2015. This project replaces the old rail station which, while functional, left much to be desired in its design. The rail station serves as a transport hub in the area, and is a major gateway to cities in the deeper +,+ quadrant.

Public Works Projects

  • To be completed

Notable Citizens

Current active citizens














Danzilonan Diaspora




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