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Active Clan Claims Map, 2019.9.22
Map of Nro'meagh (9.22.2019)
Government Independent Clans
Founded April, 2018
Demonym Nro'meagheev
Population ???
Location Evenly Divided between the South East and South West quadrants

The Clans of Nro'meagh are many different organizational structures, with only their clan/tribal culture bunching them together.

Guide to Newfriends

Join an existing clan- Current ones that are good for starting are Jevoghnya and Kren'nra Krevul, or Vinland and Il'olmhil if you play on European Timezones


Within Nro'meagh, each clan or tribe has their own internal claims and laws. If you want citizenship within one or several, if they even recognize the difference between citizenship, then you must follow that clan's laws. Unclaimed land is also available for anyone to settle, be it for an existing clan, or for a new one. Some groups are recognized as clans living externally from Nro'meagh, with the notable example being Vinland, who the majority of clans treat as another clan. Pacem and Kraken are possible running up


Nro'meagh has rail lines connected to Yoahtl from the west and Vinland from the north.

Internal rail lines currently auto run towards either Jevoghnya or Lriln'Kriavnya if you have no destination recognized by the rails activated. Future plans are to instead have the rail auto direct towards a central hub of some sort to make it more convenient for foreigners.


Nro'meagh mostly imports goods at the present moment, being wood, xp, and tools from Yoahtl and Caledonia.

Foreign Relations

Nro'meagh is made up of independent clans and tribes. All foreign relations must go to respective clans where applicable, but the clans currently most receptive to outside diplomacy are possibly Jevoghnya, Il'olmhil, and Kren'nra Krevul



At the close of the Second Okashiman-Ancap War, the Ancaps and Ancap sympathizers were given individual trials. While some were let off, most were imprisoned for a month- it was during this time the Ancaps founded Enderia. After the month imprisonment, they were all sent south to live in the Vinlandic Penal Colony, known as Kabul, where an Ancap who was sypathetic to Okashima ran the colony. Sir Avocado, an ancap sympathizer who cooperated with the Ancaps, quickly fled to found Krohilnra across the river, and declared rivalry against Kabul. This was the pivotal moment for the establishment of the semi-anarchic-clan system, the core ideal of Nro'meagh.


As time passed with little conflict between the clans, Krohilnra would go on to expand the Krohil Clan along the river greatly, developing the towns of Kahrokro, Kro'ushro and Lriln'Kriavnra; all the while, Kabul and Kairo faded, passing the mantle of Hegemony upon Krohil, who attempted their very best to uphold the responsibilities they felt it carried.

Upon feeling confident in the clan's safety from others, Krohil sent their Shilofeev'Avghod, their scholars, to study foreign administrative systems to improve Krohil, and Nro'meagh as a whole. While they did not find much that wasn't already theoretically discussed at home, a small group studying in Annwyn experienced the Annwyn-Nyasaland separation.

With the experiences of the Shilofeev'Avghod returning home with them, Krohil internally debated about whether unification with Vinland should be on the table, as they shared very similar goals and ideals. Ultimately, they unified with Kairo before signing the treaty of unification between Vinland and Krohil-Kairo.

>The unification of Krohil and Vinland allowed for Krohil to continue it's own growth uninhibited, both internally and externally. But this unification is better known as "Vinland Annexes Nro'meagh" which Krohil leadership was initially concerned about, but ultimately decided it didn't matter how anyone saw it, Krohil entered the union with their independence clear in the terms.

As the attitudes of annexation continued, the majority of clans consisting of the now fractured Krohil decided that they were getting annoyed with Vinlandic leadership attempting to reform governance, and left the Union officially. Clans still within the Union by technicality include Kahrokro, Il'olmhil, and Kabul.

Annwyn-Nyasaland Reunification

The Shilofeev'Avghod watched the situation unfold, trying to find a plan to reunite the Neko Queendoms, as Annwyn was quickly pulled into the Mir-NATO war. Fleeing to Nyasaland, they found their way to reunite the divided Queendom, via the Queen of Nyasaland opening up government to allow for more democratic action. With support from the Queen herself, and a very publicized running, the Shilofeev'Avghod managed to secure a position on the council.

> (however it is suspected from speculative hindsight that they had most likely managed to win by the queen herself manipulating votes in some regard)

Over time, they had pressed for reunification on both sides, within Annwyn and Nyasaland, but they would not budge. All the while, the Shilofeev'Avghod from outside watched the situation unfold.

It wasn't until the people of Nyasaland revolted against the Queen and her sympathizers, toppling the monarchy and replacing it with a communist dual-dictatorship. Public opinion in Annwyn and Nyasaland were overwhelmingly in favor of unification, and the tyrannical queen was toppled, that unification talks were seriously discussed. Annwyn surrendered to Mir, and accepted a position as a territory within Nyasaland, where they peacefully cooperate to this day.

During this time, the Shilofeev'Avghod returned to Krohil, greater experience in diplomatic unification, and pondered on their situation.

Present Situation

Jevoghnya, formerly Krohilnra, has maintained the mantle of hegemony, and take care not to be as aggressive as the prior Krohil regime to the clans of Southern Nro'meagh.

However, an idealistic conqueror has picked up Kabul as their city to power their armies, while Kren'nra Krevul grows in power.

Again, the political environment may shift in Nro'meagh, as it always has, and always will..