Nudist Beach

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Early Days

Nudist beach was a cooperative effort between the users Dovahkiin, SteveBuscemi (GeneralThomas4), and Impulca. The city was originally going to be an XP production base with defensive infrastructure and a nice tropical resort aesthetic. Quickly funds were needed to continue the growth of the city. The city was extremely poor for a time and ran off of subsidies from Hjaatland/Falstadt through Dovahkiin and Lexington through Vicccyy. After some time many of the Big Dogs group migrated to Nudist Beach. Impulca and SteveBuscemi purchased alt accounts to live in Westminster Commonwealth. An XP colony was setup at the world-border spot. It was nicknamed Rhodesia for its African climate of Savannah and Mesa.

Vzis-Yoahtl Conflict

Yoahtl and Vzis found themselves at the center of a dispute. Nudist Beach saw this as a chance to get back at the Vzis people who had stood against them on so many iterations. Nudist Beach Big Dogs went to defend Yoahtl and successfully squashed Vzis, solidifying Yoahtl as a regional power. Nudist Beach and Yoahtl declared themselves allies, however this was in name only.


Nudist beach found themselves in need of equipment to mine and defend themselves. Nudist beach people purchased bar-code alts to steal things Commonwealth. This escalated culminating of a raider crew of dozens of people across multiple nations. The raiders were caught and the raider crew was ended.