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The Socialist Federal Republic of Nyasaland
The Sociawist Fedewaw Repubwic of Nyasawand
Flag of Nyasaland
Nyasan Coat of Arms
Capital City Palgrave
Government Federal socialist direct democratic benevolent dictatorship
Commissars BennyZ
Day of the Revolution 22 May 2019
Demonym Nyasan
Motto "Catgirls of the world, unite!"
Population ~18
Preceeded by Nyasaland Flag.png Commonwealth Of Nyasaland

The Socialist Federal Republic of Nyasaland is the current incarnation of the historical territory of Nyasaland.

Nyasaland were formally part of the UNC before its collapse and now are currently part of the Entente, with Gensokyo, Hjaltland, and Varkonia.

This page is a work in progress and will be updated over time. For the history of Nyasaland go to Commonwealth Of Nyasaland