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Odresh's claims as of January 2019 (Outdated, see "Return to the Server" and "Adina Conflict & State of Yoahtl")

Odresh is a state of Yoahtl in the +,+ quadrant. Its capital city is Odresh City, on the nation's southern coast. As a direct democracy, Odresh has a leader-like position called the Foreign Affairs Representative, or F.A.R., who is reelcted every month. The F.A.R. deals with foreign negotiations, and also has a few other powers to keep the nation together in times of crisis. There is also a Deputy F.A.R., appointed by the F.A.R., who assists in negotiations and assumes the role of F.A.R. in case of pearling of inactivity.

Odresh's flag after the original flag was abolished and replaced




Odresh was originally founded on Devoted 3.0, in Spring 2017, by Crusher6581. It quickly endured a revolution resulting in the creation of the RSFSR, a communist group to the south, who remained hostile for the duration of Devoted. Odresh then annexed a nearby city and became a state of the United Federation.


After Devoted shut down, Pcmas12 and Lokilog founded Odresh in Realms. They created a small settlement to the south of their claimed island, and after realizing the existence of a large, abandoned city on the island, Carcosa, they moved their capital there and began to restore the area. It was here that Odresh became friendly with the nation of Hokkaido due to trade.


First Months

When Realms announced that it would be shutting down, the remaining active citizens of Odresh (Lokilog, Crusher6581, Pcmas12, and ZiggyCraft102) agreed to merge with Hokkaido to form the nation of Okashima. When Okashima became inactive, these citizens moved to the +,+ quadrant and established the nation of Odresh. It was quickly discovered that another player, Bennyboo, was planning on building a nearby city, so they created the Sozialstaat Agreement, which incorporated the city into Odresh. They annexed the inactive nation of Batavia and claimed most of the land on their continent up to the borders of Maltovia. Their capital, Odresh city, lies on the edge of the coastal cliffs to the south of the nation. As aspiring members of SATO and the NCA, they quickly began a rail project to connect the city to Vinland.

Auroran Independence

As more people arrived to the city of Sozialstaat, it was revealed that it was built by citizens of Aurora, a nation that dates back to CivCraft. Crusher and Lokilog realized that the city was becoming more Auroran than Odreshi, and during discussions with Bennyboo, they Aurorans announced that they wanted to be independent. From here, independence negotiations began, resulting in the full independence of Aurora. Unlike the situation with the RSFSR, the two nations maintain friendly relations.

Odresh - Phylon Conflict

In December 2018, the first section of the previously mentioned rail to the NCA was completed, going from Odresh City to the nation of Phylon. The F.A.R. at the time, Lokilog, had thought the nation to be inactive, due to it's absence from the claims maps and the fact that many of the city's buildings had been broken into, and so the citizens Odresh voted to annex the island 4-2. A few weeks later, a snitch was discovered on the rail near Phylon's station. Upon breaking it, it was discovered that the snitch was placed by OLivay. He was confronted about the situation, and after declaring Phylon to be an active nation, he quickly restricted the city. A few days later, Lokilog and Crusher went to check if any more snitches had been placed, and after finding none, decided to explore the island. They eventually found their way into the rail station, and from there, Phylon's storage area. The small check had turned into a raid, and so Lokilog and Crusher broke into a few chests and destroyed a few noteblock snitches. After realizing OLivay was online, they left the island with three splash potions of healing. Upon returning to Odresh, they knew that a raid was imminent, and so they dropchested their valuables. Indeed, almost immediately after, five raiders from Phylon showed up, pearling Crusher and logboxing Lokilog in the community center. They alerted their friends in Okashima, who asked for assistance from Vinland. They set out to free Lokilog, but most of them didn't know that Phylon's raid had been justified. Upon reaching Odresh, they broke and logbox and freed Lokilog, who escaped and logged out in the NYC station. Over the next two weeks, a trial was held with Askedar as judge, who sentenced Lokilog and Crusher to two weeks in prison pearl. The only reps sentenced were the three potions, the blocks broken, the reinforcement materials, and the mana costs for the two weeks Lokilog and Crusher would spend in prison pearl.

Return to the Server

After the Odresh-Phylon conflict, Odresh fell inactive, partially because of the opening of CivEx. Five months later, though, in May 2019, Crusher6581 and Lokilog returned to activity. Their first task was to clean up and repair Odresh City, but they soon realized that they could expand and use the Batavian XP and ice farms. As they began to harvest more and more XP resources, Okx from Vinland offered to help them build a simple, single-line rail from Odresh to Vinland. Completed in just two days, a vote was initiated within the NCA to accept Odresh into the alliance, passing on May 13th, 2019. During this time, construction began on a large fortress, drawing inspiration from Okashima's castle in Okato. Later, Odresh annexed the two islands to it's north, with plans to set up a nether wart farm. However, this project stalled, as they realized it would too much of a pain to make the journey. The nation then switched it's focus farming XP materials, improving Odresh City, and recruiting new members.

Adina Conflict & State of Yoahtl

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September Raids & Reconstruction

A screenshot of Crusher Apartments after the attack. Despite being reinforced, it suffered the most damage from the September 23rd raid of any structure in the city.
A screenshot of Odresh City after the September 24th raid, taken from the floating island at the northern edge of the city.

From September 20th-24th, Odresh experienced three raids in rapid succession which quickly became known as the September Raids. While no one was pearled, and material loses were minimal, Odresh City's infrastructure was decimated by repeated TNT detonations. The first raid was minor, when Brsxoi entered the city and broke open all houses, stealing whatever valuables remained in the city. After a period of long inactivity, Lokilog logged on soon after and saw this, reported it to Crusher, and then disconnected for the day. On Monday, September 23rd, at approximately 3:51 PM EST, likely alt IkChapDollo repeatedly detonated TNT around the city, wreaking havoc on all structures. While buildings like the Community Center emerged relatively unscathed, places like Crusher Apartments were reduced to crumbling walls. The next day, n8mastercrafter placed major grief around the city, with small pillars of lava and water falling from the tops of buildings, and pumpkins scattered around the city, though they were not reinforced. This was quickly cleaned up, and is best summarized by Lokilog's raid announcement on reddit, in which he says "This one hasn't really changed anything? It just gave us a bunch of pumpkins." By the end of the night, most of the damage to the city from both the 23rd and 24th raids had been cleaned up, with the only major exception being Crusher Apartments. It was intentionally left in this state, as there were talks of turning it into a memorial after the city was rebuilt. The residences of both Lokilog and Crusher were torn down, the first buildings to go in the planned period of demolition and subsequent reconstruction that Crusher envisioned after the Sept. 23rd raid. At this point, the raids had caused players from across Yoahtl to pitch into the effort to help Odresh. After the Sept. 23rd raid, 300 diamond bounties were put on both Brsxoi and IkChapDollo, but now military action was being taken. Tlanexcui was stationed in Odresh, ready to log in and attack if necessary, while progress on an ice road to between Odresh and Yoahtl proper saw great advancement. Furthermore, a massive care package was being put together to help the city recover, while Okato Shipping announced that they would provide free deliveries to Icenia (which had also experienced raids) and Odresh for the rest of the month. Talk also shifted to why this was happening, and why they kept coming back to an already-ruined city. Odresh simply hadn't done anything to provoke these attacks. At present, no perpetrator has been determined, though it is suspected that all attacks are alts from one player or group. Finally, the next day, Crusher and Lokilog successfully pearled the raider as they attempted to place grief in the early morning. This ended the September Raids, and began the period of reconstruction in which most buildings were torn down and replaced.




When Odresh was founded, it struggled to set up a defined political system. Crusher6581 wanted a monarchy until they had more citizens, while Lokilog pushed for a direct or representative democracy. As the debate flared up and other citizens weighed in, they shifted to two definite positions: Lokilog wanted a direct democracy, while Crusher wanted a representative democracy. Lokilog argued that they didn't have enough people for a representative democracy, and as such, almost everyone would be in a government position. He wanted decisions to be made directly. On the other hand, Crusher believed that a representative democracy was better, because with direct democracy, people who are unaware and not educated in current civpolitics would have control over every decision made. In the end, they voted for an indefinite but temporary direct democracy, and when a certain undecided number of citizens was reached, they would vote once more to determine the permanent system of government. Since Odresh's integration with Yoahtl, their government has more or less dissolved.

Integration with Yoahtl

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A Civball image of the member states of the NCA.

International Relations


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On May 13th, 2019, Odresh was admitted into the NCA. Odresh is an aspiring member of SATO, but since the Phylon conflict, most hopes of entering the alliance have fallen apart.


Odresh has a strong relationship with Okashima, mostly because all of the founding citizens were Okashiman citizens. Okashima has provided military aid and other assistance, such as with the construction of the NCA rail, over the many months of Odresh's existence, and the two countries participate in unofficial mutual defense.


Aurora and Odresh maintain friendly relations, a relief for the oldfriends of Odresh who saw the chaos caused by the conflict between the first Odresh and the RSFSR. They have talked about constructing a rail line between their capital cities, and a passage through the mountains already exists.


Because of the Phylon conflict, Odresh and Phylon have remained hostile since before the start of 2019. The Odreshi government placed a travel ban along the rail line between Phylon and Odresh City, enforced with a simple wall and sign.


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Settlements & Infrastructure


Since soon after the founding of Odresh, Lokilog has been working on a series of mountain passes that connect Odresh City to other settlements and areas in the nation. The first connection occured from Odresh to Batavia. Right now there are two paths to the edge of the mountains, one of which has a well-developed waterdrop and minecart elevator. The paths were then extended to the middle of the mountains, where they ended near Urbania. Then, in July 2019, Lokilog finished a connection to the desert. A connection to Aurora was planned, but inactivity and poor geography killed most ideas.

Odresh City

As the capital of Odresh, Odresh City is the nation's most active settlement. It has a Community Center and Factory Building, accessible by all citizens. The old Community Center was torn down after the Phylon Conflict to reveal the logbox inside, and was turned into a memorial of the event. The rest of the town is relatively small, with a small farm, a few houses, and a work-in-progress rail station.


The Odreshi fortress and XP famrs in Batavia. Taken in July 2019, this region has changed significantly since Batavia's return.

Batavia was a nation in the tundra to the north of Odresh, but was annexed after they fell inactive and didn't respond to messages. During Odresh's first return to the server, the old citizens of Batavia came back, and now live as a semi-autonomous territory within Odresh. The agreement made between the two peoples allows the people of Batavia to have complete control over government, builds, laws, etc. The only exceptions to this are the Batavian Castle and the XP Farms. In addition, all national laws supersede local laws. The elevation change from mountains to tundra transportation to the mountains difficult, but a waterdrop and minecart elevator connect the area with the rest of Odresh.


Connected to Odresh City by rail, Urbania was another abandoned nation directly to the east of the capital. The settlement consists of two large, incomplete government buildings. As with Batavia, it has no inhabitants. At the edge of the city, a mountain pass exists to Aurora, and talks about extending the rail have come up repeatedly. However, with Aurora mostly inactive, this seems unlikely.



Most of Odresh consists of mountainous terrain, making it hard to cross the territory quickly. To solve this, Lokilog built a series of bridges and footpaths from Odresh City to the Auroran border. It contains two paths to Batavia and construction to the desert is underway.


To the west, the Batavian tundra forms a large, flat plain with few trees. Here, Odresh's potato, beetroot, and ice farms lie, left over from the previous rulers of the area. This section of the nation is growing quickly and the XP farms are expanded, and is a center of activity for the citizens of Odresh. Next to the farms, there is a large castle, which is still in development, and a few scatted buildings from abandoned civilizations. Beyond that, however, the area lacks any other infrastructure. It's border with both the mountains and sea are defined by tall cliffs, increasing travel times. There is a single waterdrop and minecart elevator connecting the tundra to the mountains.


The eastern part of Odresh consists of a vast expanse of desert. As with Batavia, it's border with the mountains consists of cliffs, but is just above sea level, so travel by water is comparatively easy. However, a narrow land bridge to Maltovia means that travelers must sail around Aurora to reach the desert.