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A small island-nation located at -6900, 1200 nestled between HJE (Westeros) and Tierra de Conciencia, filled with lush trees and large hills.

Founded 2/14/18 by Topher3001 as a frontier nation, for people to make farms and settle. There is only one current town, which is the capital of Speightstown, at the north-west of the island, on a small peninsula. Oistins only has an official population of 1, the founder Topher3001, though there are buildings made by others. By the time this wiki was made, Oistins was making a rail line between TdC and themselves, which is was halfway done before it was dismantled again. There is yet to be an official system of government, but currently there really isn't any government. There is no official religion, though Canalism is the most popular, with a whopping 100% of the population being Canalist priests. Oistins has no official allies or enemies, though TdC is considered a friend. The activity is based on when Topher3001 is online, which is most of the weekdays and weekends.

Feel free to visit or build there, Oistins accepts all people.

https://imgur.com/a/xdpwI <-- Oistins as of 3/3/18