Republic of Georgia

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  • The Fifth Federal Republic of Georgia is a sovereign nation in the +,+ region. It's capital is Savannah.
    The Fifth Federal Republic of Georgia
    Motto Wisdom, Justice, Equality
    Government Federal Republic
    Capital Savannah
    Founded July 14th 2018
    Chancellor MrDoomBringer
    Area 502281 SQ
    Demonym Georgian
    Religion Christianity
    Language English, Geònòí
    Exports Sand, Iron, Coal.


    • The first instance of "Georgia" was on devoted when MrDoomBringer had declared independence from the Confederation of Autonomous Communes. (At the time Georgia was known as Qhubeka)
    • Georgia was officially formed when Qhubeka had annexed Favahland.
    • When Mrdoombringer had joined Civclassics in June of 2017, he had formed The Second Federal Republic of Georgia.
    • After a month of building, Mrdoombringer had left Civclassics, and right before he left he ceded over his land to Aznazia.
    • After a year of unknown activities, Mrdoombringer returned and formed The Third Federal Republic of Georgia with _Joseph_Stalin_ on July 14th, 2018.
    • After a few weeks of running Georgia, the Senate of Georgia had decided to apply for statehood in The Thalassocracy on July 27th, 2018.
    • When Pruthenia and Thalassocracy United to form Vítelia Georgia was incropirated as an Autonomous region.
    • Some time in January 2019 Vítelia dissolved; In the confrences for the nations being fromed from former Vítelia Georgia was granted independence and also the Isle of Risk.
    • On January 19th, 2019 Georgia had claimed Mila from Pruthenia-Risk.


    • Georgia
    • Risk
    • Mila
    • Savannah (Federal District)