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The Barony of Resimere
Resimarian Flag.PNG
Flag of Resimere
Map of Resimere
Capital City Ankara
Government Early Feudalism
Baron Mister_Minesalot
Demonym Resimerian
Population ~7
Motto "Don't even worry about it."
Location -5600, 9800

Resimere (formerly Resimare) is a barony originally founded in Devoted by CallMeBur, and lead by Mister_Minesalot. Set in an archipelago, It consists of five regions in the -,+: Ankara, Eichenfeld, Vale, Brewer's Point, and the Cloud Islands. Ankara was given to Resimere by Vale at the beginning of its time on CivClassic. It is an autonomous town of Yoahtl.

The nation follows a general rule of making the most use out of every piece of land they have - even small coastal islands are converted into small sugar cane farms. The underground is scoured for spawners to create mob grinders. Little non-production related buildings are built outside of the capital. New land is only claimed if there is nothing left to develop, or if there is valuable farmland nearby. Overall, Resimere is naturally industrious, and plays tall, not wide.

The town has one land border with Airhaven and two water borders with Falstadt and Stonewall.

Note that this page is mostly unwritten as major changes are happening to the nation.


Resimere's history is one filled with plenty of mistakes, revivals, and civil strife. Despite all of the hardships that came its way, it still continues to function as a town to this day, constantly analyzing its past mistakes. Despite being relatively young compared to other nations on the server, it still has quite the history.


(To be written)

Valley Age

Siege of Vale

(To be written)

Acquirement of Eichenfeld from Airhaven

After the acquirement of Eichenfeld and multiple important resources, everything seemed like it could only get better for the Resimarians. However, this was the exact opposite of what happened. Activity began to flounder as the end of summer approached, and soon, Resimare would enter its Dark Age.

Dark Age

Inactivity crisis and joining Yoahtl

"Ah, shut up, Avery. You are nothing but a stupid, easily distracted, low minded drone..." — RedTourmaline

Production and development nearly slowed to a halt, and food was dwindling. Resources began to become scarce as no one except one citizen was around to harvest them. This citizen was Mister_Minesalot, the head of the Department of Architecture in Resimare. For months, Minesalot continued to build the nation's walls and dig their trenches, despite the inherent lack of activity. However, one day, he decided that there must be something he can do to save the nation's activity. Refusing to give up on the town, Minesalot packed his things and left for New Yoahtl City. After seeing the increase in activity after Southshire joined Yoahtl as an autonomous town, he believed that he may be capable of doing the same for Resimare. Minesalot was taken in as a resident of Yoahtl, and was officially considered an Ex-Resimarian citizen. Even though this was the case, Minesalot, still dedicated to the revival, enacted his plan to convince both Resimare and Yoahtl to accept the former as an autonomous town. After about a month or two from these events, Minesalot proposed the idea to the Yoahtlan government. The proposition was a success, but now there was an apparent issue: Resimare's irrational fear of Yoahtl would greatly worsen the chances of the deal being accepted by both parties.

The copypasta.
The copypasta.

About a week after this, Minesalot posted a message in the Resimarian discord proposing the deal to the small town. RedTourmaline, head of the Department of Military, responded back, stating that he would have to remove Minesalot from the discord for being foreign, despite the foreigner role being created specifically for him. A long argument ensued, Minesalot only wanting CallMeBur's approval, RedTourmaline wanting Minesalot gone entirely due to past feuds. After a while, RedTourmaline began to type once again, but this time, typing for far longer than was normal. After many minutes, a wall of text was posted, name calling and insulting not just Minesalot, but the entire playstyle of the server. Little did RedTourmaline know, this paragraph was not only the birth of a meme, but also his undoing.

Minesalot, shortly after reading it, took a screenshot of it and saved it just before he was kicked from the discord. Afterwards, CallMeBur returned to the discord, only to remove Red's governmental role and reinvite Minesalot, thus bettering the chances of the deal going through. During this, Minesalot posted the paragraph to the Yoahtl discord, some of the citizens encouraging him to post it publicly to the subreddit. Soon, the text became a server-wide copypasta, unbeknownst to Red. Greatly damaging his reputation, this would eventually drive him to attempt a seige against Yoahtl, failing horribly and ending in his pearling. Soon after the copypasta was posted, Bur began to negotiate with Minesalot, only for the latter to find out that Red left the land to Mir shortly beforehand. However, Minesalot managed to convince Bur that Mir was not the nation to leave their land with, and successfully completed the deal between Resimare and Yoahtl.

A new leader, name change, and the Divide

Despite Resimare's newfound non-autonomous township to a major nearby nation, the town was still in an inactivity crisis. Shortly after the declaration was made, Mister_Minesalot, the player who arranged the township deal with Yoahtl, confronted CallMeBur, the original founder and leader of Resimare. Minesalot declared that Resimare under Bur's rule was not working out, and that leadership needed to change soon or else the town would fall entirely. A long argument ensued between both of the sides, and eventually an agreement was reached that the land would be turned over to Minesalot if the name was changed from Resimare. Minesalot complied, however, only changing one letter and turning it into Resimere. This was still satisfactory for Bur, and leadership was officially granted to Minesalot. After this, Bur and RedTourmaline, some of the few citizens that still logged in (albeit rarely), left the town and fully joined Mir, thus effectively splitting the mostly inactive population in half. These people would eventually go on to found Lyra, a town in the +,+ quadrant.

Demolition of Ankara

A picture taken during the demolition of Ankara on July 16th, 2018.

A plan that had been conceived after Mister_Minesalot's ascendance to ruler of Resimere, it would completely destroy nearly all constructions within Ankara. Houses, pathways, roads, and even lamp posts would be torn out to make room for a better city. After visiting New Yoahtl City, Minesalot believed the Valley Age architecture and urban planning methods to be extremely inefficient, and even what caused the Dark Age to begin with, as the slowly encroaching controlled urbanization left the citizens no reason to build anything of their own or anything that they cared about.

Multiple attempts were made to enact the plan, but all of the population excluding Minesalot could not be present most of the time, as they all had very busy lives of their own. One day, however, Minesalot recruited a new player named Loungebob to the dying island town. Naturally dedicated, enjoying grinding, and with plenty of time to spare, they were the perfect person to enact the demolition Minesalot longed for. On July 13th, 2018, the destruction had begun. Using tools provided by Yoahtlan citizens and government officials, the demolition went smoothly, and by July 16th, 2018, nearly all of the Department of Architecture's urbanization was removed.

(To be continued)

Phoenix Age

Acquirement of Vale and Integration of Brewer's Point





Cloud Islands


Brewer's Point



Brewer's Point




Activity Legality Punishment/Notes
Petty Griefing Illegal Exile, ExilePearl, Fine
Griefing1 Illegal Exile, PrisonPearl, Perma, Fine
Murder Illegal Exile, PrisonPearl, Perma, Items Returned
Bounty Hunting Illegal Exile, PrisonPearl, Items Returned
Stealing Illegal Exile, ExilePearl, Items Returned
Building sans permission Illegal Exile, Dereliction
Building sans permission as Citizen/Resident Illegal Dereliction, Fine2
Snitching/Bastioning sans permission Illegal Exile, PrisonPearl, Perma
Destroying crops/saplings3 Illegal Exile4, Fine
Harboring criminals5 Illegal Exile, PrisonPearl, Perma

[1] This also includes permanently destroying/insecuring reinforcements sans permission.

[2] Repeat offenders will be exiled.

[3] Must have been done with malicious intent to apply.

[4] Offending person(s) may be exiled depending on the severity of the crime.

[5] War criminals (e.g. Nox) also apply.

Foreign Relations

Currently, Resimere is friendly with Airhaven and an autonomous town of Yoahtl.




The Resimere Internal Rail Network (R.I.R.N.) connects the Resimerian islands and facilities through safe, efficient, and nicely decorated railways. The development is currently ongoing and serves to better transportation within the archipelago.



Line Destination Nation ETA Status
R.I.R.N. Eichenfeld Resimere 2m 41s Citizens Only
R.I.R.N. Vale Resimere Citizens Only
None Southshire Southshire Under Construction
None New Yoahtl City Yoahtl Under Construction
None Airhaven Airhaven Under Construction


Line Destination Nation ETA Status
R.I.R.N. Ankara Resimere 2m 41s Citizens Only
None Airhaven Airhaven Rerouting
None New Yoahtl City Yoahtl Rerouting


Line Destination Nation ETA Status
R.I.R.N. Ankara Resimere Citizens Only
R.I.R.N. Brewer's Point Resimere Citizens Only

Brewer's Point

Line Destination Nation ETA Status
R.I.R.N. Vale Resimere Citizens Only


Resimere values large, highly automated, efficient farms. Much of the land outside of the capital is converted into farmland, producing many varieties of crops and trees.



Valley Age

Valley Age architecture is similar to tudor/medieval architecture, often featuring large, grandiose stone structures, perfectly aligned terraces and roads, and 3x3 panel walls. This style of architecture was set into place upon the creation of the Department of Architecture and can only be found within Ankara. Since the Demolition of Ankara, very few Valley Age constructions still remain to this day. The most prominent example of Valley Age architecture is the Grand Staircase of Ankara, which was intended to connect the shore of the island to the cliff surface. It still remains unfinished to this day.


Graveyards are Resimere's way to memorialize citizens who no longer play. Citizens are typically buried with one gold nugget in each of their coffins, as a sign of good luck outside of the server. Disturbing the graves is highly illegal, and is punishable by a fine of 3 iron per grave.

The graveyard in Ankara, Resimere