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Sintralin was a 2.0 power player best known for joint leading Nox with Papa Pound. In Civclassics she founded and led Lexington and described her intended playstyle as 'lawful evil'.

Sintralin was pearled in the final battle of the Somber War and is currently 'permapearl' status.

Civcraft 2.0 History

Sintralin was originally a fairly low profile figure who lived in Fellowship. Her rise to notoriety was closely tied to Papa Pounds ascension.After quitting Civcraft for a brief period she returned during the Eagle Crew raiding period. Though she was aware of who Eagle Crew actually were (and was friends with their leader, Papa Pound) she remained fairly neutral, occassionaly reporting World Police movements to the raiders but nothing more. At one point she used her influence within Fellowship to unknowningly release an alt account of Marfinator - a member of Eagle Crew.

When Eagle Crew evolved into the America HCF invasion Sintralin began taking a larger part, although it was purely advisory - using the Eagle Girl reddit account to post statements and propaganda regarding the invasion. When the America invasion ended she help start the Forsaken group with Lysika Lantariel, Celoxia, Jakemeister, Stratmat and Enragedalmond (all key members of the HCF invasion).

During the Titan War the Forsaken went mostly inactive due to the majority of them being pearled. During this time Sintralin left and founded Libertas with Jakebob. Libertas was an extremely World Police organisation that inherited the assets and most of the membership from the Titan HCF Invasions. Needless to say the rebranding of Titan forces under the name Libertas fooled no one and a cold war like state between Libertas and the actual World Police began. When Papa Pound was released (when no one in Carson remember to put coal in his pearl chest) he immediately joined Libertas and became defacto leader with Sintralin. Libertas soon renamed to Nox, abandonding its ancap ideals.