Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Flag.jpg
Capital Tel Aviv Proper
Languages Hebrew, English, Arsit
Demonym Jewfriend
Government Matriarchy
Monarch Mowtek
Official Motto M'lady
Location -1000,-7000

Tel Aviv is located in the -,- quadrant of the map. It was formed on top of Lexington's ruins. TLV's population is mostly comprised of Israeli players. TLV is allied with NATO. It is currently closed off for visitors, as war rages on between them and the CS. TLV exports bulk prot, XP, obsidian and more.


TLV - CS War

Tensions grew between TLV and CS. It reached a certain peak when a Neo-Nazi player named "RabbiGoldstein"


Location and Claimed Land

Tel Aviv has claimed all of the previous Lexington City land claims and has annexed Narkis as well.

Land claims pls no touch i kill

Architecture and Culture


Diamond Mining Culture

Jewfriends grew to love mining diamond veins due to their precious status in society. The average Jewfriend will spend his time either mining diamonds or creating some protection gear for "peacekeeping".


Political and Government Structure