Union of Socialist Augusta

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Not to be confused with: United States of America

The Union of Socialist Augusta (USA) is a district in the south of the city of Mount Augusta. It's one of the main aggregators of leftists on the server.

Union of Socialist Augusta
USA Flag.png
Flag of the USA
Map of the USA
Capital Little Leningrad
Government Socialist Direct Democracy
Spokesperson SandFalls
Founded add plz
Population ~12
Location -6700, 3300


Epic History Here



The USA is divided into 5 communes, one of which has 2 sub-communes:

  • Little Leningrad
    • Little Catalonia
    • Little Stalingrad
  • Little Ukraine
  • Little Neptune
  • Little Unitas
  • Little Dublin

Little Leningrad

Ruled by The Workers' Party (TWP), it serves as the capital of the USA. LL is the biggest commune and it houses the majority of infrastructure of the district.

Just like its predecessors, Little Leningrad relies on brutalism for architecture.

The Palace of the Soviets

Here, one can find projects like The Palace of the Soviets, The Workers' Coliseum, built by Troozi, and Habitat 37, built by Tinie_Snipah.

Little Leningrad has 2 sub-communes:

Little Catalonia

Formerly known as Little Havana, Little Catalonia was created by Renrits and his brothers, but due to unfortunate events, it's no longer active.

Its building style revolves around using acacia logs and planks.

Little Stalingrad

Created in August 26, 2019 by Ghunsan, it's the most recent commune but has seen a lot of development already, with the construction of some buildings and a plaza with an arch.

Little Ukraine

With the resurgence of the LSIF, Little Ukraine became its first commune on July 5, 2019.

LUk is home to buildings like The Tolstoy Tower, Alexander Grothendieck's Mathematical Institute, both built by Bayrd, and the only guillotine in USA.

It also has many of the farms in USA.

Little Neptune

Founded on July 18, 2019 as Little Zion, a christian socialist commune, by Cattus, it is now called Little Neptune, inspired by Sun Ra's jazz music.

Having suffered demolitions recently, it's mostly built underground, with a concrete design reliant on concrete blocks. It also houses a polar bear, so being careful when entering is advised.

Little Unitas

"Dissidents will be shot" is the motto of this commune. It was founded in the former UWU district by FalscherRVN, on August 12, 2019, and

along with multiple houses, one can find the Cuck Shed, with an underground monument to a reference of Neon Genesis Evangelion, built by FalscherRVN and ReclaimHolyLand. The internal rules and building codes are set by the United Workers Union (UWU).

Little Dublin

Obtained on August 14, 2019 as a dereliction by Topher, it was the property of the Pumpkin Jacks, which originated this commune's other name: Little Pumpkin.

With only the break into its vault, not much has been done in this commune yet.


Not really a commune, for now at least, but it's worth mentioning as Topher has been building in it recently.


USA is a direct democracy with a spokesperson being chosen as a representative in diplomacy.

Antifascist Wall

Most of the USA is enclosed by the Antifascist Wall in order to keep fascists and bourgeois scum out of the district.

This is a direct reference to the Berlin Wall that seperated East and West Berlin.