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The former Lexington Vault, an example of a ringed "megavault".

A vault is a structure used to store prisonpearls and exilepearls. A vault, in it's most basic form, is typically an obsidian pyramid, as this is the hardest structure to destroy. To protect this pyramid, other fortifications may be built around it, such as rings of obsidian walls, cobwebs and bastions, sometimes referred to as "nerd rings". A bunker or tower is often constructed above the vault, where supplies for fighters are stored. A large, ringed vault is often referred to as a "megavault". These vaults range in size greatly, from Varkonias 3 ring vault, to the Holy Jaded Empires 9 ring megavault.


Vaults have existed since Civcraft 1.0 after prisonpearl was added. Vaults were effectively big obsidian pyramids that would take hours to break. As time went on vaults got more and more complex. The more advanced "megavaults" were pioneered by the nation of FAGT in Civcraft 2.0. Such advanced vaults were thought to be unbreakable until the fall of Nox after a long seige towards the end of 2.0.

There was a schism in vault doctrine during and after 3.0. Diet_Cola pioneered what are now known as Cola Cubes, while others took existing nerd rings and optimized them far beyond 2.0 standards. Cola cube type vaults function as an array of bastion squares while nerd rings have overlapping bastions in an octagonal shape.

Standing Vaults


Mir's vault is fully entrenched and has 6 rings. It is surrounded by another entrenched city with all farms required for advanced XP production.


A large vault near North West World border, rumored to have 3 elder guardians.


HJE Vault

Located at west world border, and thus named the Best Western Hotel. It has 9 rings and is the largest on the server.

Falstadt North

Falstadt has a main vault around 3000, 9000, considered to be the single greatest concentration of wealth on the server. It is fully entrenched and is said to have 8 rings.

Falstadt South

Located around South world border in Falstadt land, unknown vault size in a 500 by 200 block hole in the ground. By vault hole area, it is the largest on the server.

New Yoahtl City

A large 6 ring vault in the sea east of NYC, located a few hundred blocks East of NYC.

Coventhian vault, past the trench


A large 5 ring fully trenched vault approximately 500 blocks west of Coventhia city.


Currently has 3 rings with trenches fully dug and trench IRO being installed.


A vault named "Heaven's Gate" hidden by a massive trenched in city, sitting at the South West world corner, rumored to be large and very wealthy.


A medium sized, 5 ring vault. Its name is Sempiternal Vault.

Other Vaults

Anguish (Destroyed)

Anguish Vault

Anguish's vault was located 1000 blocks north of the east world border, close to the Mir Vault. Fell to Mir and WA early on in the Somber war.

Lexington (Destroyed)

Lexington's vault was located at North world border, has a 300 block radius trench surrounding it. It was broken by SATO/Mir at the end of the Somber War, in the Fall of Lexington. It had 8 rings.

USA North (Destroyed)

USA North Vault

Nicknamed the TeaCup, it was broken by Hjaltland and Mir one week after Lexington's in an act of vigilante justice from fake leaks, currently occupied by the Chanseatic State. It had 4 rings.

USA South (Abandoned)

Abandoned and deconstructed to build the USA North Vault by Poortea and PowKitty. Stolen by Ashnwil using ParkerTehPwners group permissions. It had 4 rings.

Commonwealth (Abandoned)

Left to decay by the nation, located south of MTA. Abandoned after several attacks from Bewsiej and other Lexington members. It has 5 rings and is currently broken bastionless after an alt raid from a banned player.

Vítelia (Destroyed)

The Vítelian Vault under Construction

A 4 ring vault in a large hole, destroyed by Mir/SATO coalition on January 8th, 2019 after it had been abandoned.

Characteristics of a vault


The diamond reinforced obsidian blocks surrounding the chest to hold pearls. Pyramids/tall pyramids are the best way to store pearls as it can take quite some time to break through the blocks to reach the chest.


Rings prevent a player from walking over to a pyramid by being a physical wall they cannot break through easily. Ideally a player cannot place blocks to pillar over these rings due to bastion blocks.

Sky Bunker

A form of vault defense in the form of a bastioned obsidian bunker typically above the vault pyramid itself. They often have built-in archer platforms to help defend against an attack, and are a means of wealth storage as they are typically very difficult to get to, and break.

Ground Bunker

A bunker built around the DRO pyramid in the centre of the vault, used to store wealth and potion materials needed for defense. In most cases archer platforms are built into these bunkers and hold minecart elevators allowing people to get up into the sky bunker.


A trench is much like a moat, combined with a vault ring. They are typically the first means of defense against attackers, and ideally are large enough to prevent scouts from getting close enough to the vault itself to prevent spying and world downloading. Some well developed moats would include the former Lexington vault trench, which featured archer platforms and a very large size.

Snitch curtain

A snitch curtain, or snitch grid, is a series of snitches surrounding a vault that make it impossible for someone to passthrough without hitting a snitch and notifying the vault owners of an attackers presence. These should ideally be surrounded in Stone reinforced obsidian, to prevent the snitches from being broken by a TNT cannon.